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Your Life Can Turn On A Dime
Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:28pm

  • Totally accidental and tragic... ~ Ted, Tue Sep 11 4:26pm
    2 lives ruined. If ONLY his door had been locked tight! She would've figured out she was 1 floor off... As it played out she probably thought she'd interrupted a burglary... 100% sure of it...... more
    • Yes, show mercy. ~ G🤔🤔G, Tue Sep 11 6:50pm
      The entering was a mistake. The shooting was not. Otherwise it would be life in prison.
    • Your Life Can Turn On A Dime ~ Merlin, Tue Sep 11 6:28pm
      • Sorry, dude ... ~ Mondo Fuego™, Tue Sep 11 11:03pm
        … that's clearly a quarter. Dimes don't have upside-down eagles.
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