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Mondo Fuego™
So what. Pumpernickel is an ass.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:37pm

Nike is off my list, along with Amazon and Whole Paycheck.

  • Following a three percent drop in the first day of trading after the debut of Nike’s controversial, Colin... more
    • So what. Pumpernickel is an ass. ~ Mondo Fuego™, Tue Sep 11 7:37pm
      • I am sure they don't care. ~ KR, Wed Sep 12 7:35am
        There will always be a handful of idiots that choose to boycott the best companies for stupid reasons. However because those companies are the best, they will do just fine.
      • There Is No Finish Line ~ Merlin, Tue Sep 11 8:01pm
        FOR YOU! ;-)
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