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Florence is being manipulated.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:52pm

I gift you with a six minute part of a longer video. Please note after watching the judging of Florence the vid flips over to the west coast where anyone with half a brain can observe the regular routine of the weather controllers hitting the jet stream with scalar technology just as the rain ought to be moving into Northern California. Notice too how this dissipated moisture field is allowed to reconstitute itself into rain once it moves east away from Northern California. I observe this pattern many times done to both Northern and Southern California weather. Mind you my region is not semi-arid but forested whereby a low pressure under this circumstance would dominate. It's a standard operating procedure by the weather terrorists. Why this region? Because this is where much of the weather originates for all points east. Controlling weather here allows for weather control elsewhere as they so seem fit to do and DO.

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