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PR was primarily the fault of PR politicians and culture.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:58pm

How did Bush screw up Katrina?

  • Trump risking dislocating his arm and spoiling his golf game this weekend praising himself about the Federal disaster recovery effort in PR reminded me of Bush and Brownie.
    • One of the best lies sold... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 2:13pm
      That the failings during Katrina were FEDERAL in nature. But it is not surprising that a leftist like you who continually advocates the consolidation of power at the federal level would continue to... more
      • FEMA Screwed Up Their Role and The Role They Assumed From ~ City and State - Merlin, Wed Sep 12 2:42pm
        Not because FEMA was overwhelmed but because they were slow off the mark and disorganized when they finally arrived and stayed that way for weeks.
        • FEMA met their obligations... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 2:57pm
          FEMA failed to meet LOUISIANA's obligations. And folks like you believed the narrative that Louisiana's failure WAS a failure on the part of FEMA. There were hundreds of truckloads of supplies... more
          • FEMA Did Not Even Meet Their Obligations. ~ Merlin, Wed Sep 12 4:02pm
            FEMA was slow off the mark because they showed up late. When they finally showed up is when problems like undistributed supplies started. FEMA is supposed to be prepared for any contingency and they... more
            • No, they did nto show up late... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 4:09pm
              They showed up on time FOR THE STATE. FEMA did a heck of a job considering the abject FAILURE on the part of the State of Louisiana. No state had EVER simply given up and QUIT in the middle of a... more
              • because Bush(R) was not even aware of what was going on for a week or more and his appointee, Brownie(R) only knew about thoroughbred horses and nothing about FEMA have a "R" by their names on any... more
                • They were doing their job. ~ Sprout, Thu Sep 13 8:10am
                  Doing their job wasn't a failure regardless of who was in the White House at the time. The failure was PURELY on the state of Louisiana.
          • a disaster of such magnitude and all the flooding in such a low lying area kept some supplies from reaching the needy. The problem is that most of the needy shouldn't have been there to begin with.... more
            • Another problem I have.... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 3:53pm
              The media ACTS like it is the gov'ts job to save and provide for EVERYONE regardless of their own foolish acts. It's kind of like Hillary's "What difference does it make NOW?!" complaint... The... more
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