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Yes. At the low end would be some sort of
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:59pm

negligence based charge. Then it could be some sort of depraved negligence based on the idea that she didn't bother to even TRY to avoid shooting. Then on up into 2nd degree murder based on her initial criminal act of entry.

Now, it would be a REAL stretch, but there are some laws that talk about killings in the commission of a crime. For example, if the homeowner shoots one intruder, the other intruder can actually be charged with PREMEDIATED homicide because he and his partner planned the initial crime that lead to the death. I honestly don't think that there is enough to make that leap because she didn't intend to enter someone else's home still eliminating the concept of premeditation.

But it wouldn't surprise me to see the DA go for 2nd degree, even if all he really plans to do is offer the Jury a 3rd degree (manslaughter) as an alternative.

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