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The part I think is silly is that the same folks who
Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:54pm

scream about wanting strict and heavy gun control laws are the same ones running around EXCUSING violation of damn near every OTHER law... Yes, he robbed that store, but he had a bad childhood. Yes, he mugged that guy, but he didn't have the money for nice shoes. Yes, he got high and wrecked his car, but drugs should be legal anyway...

They virtually teach disobedience to the law... Criminals are supposed to be treated with kid gloves and not held responsible for their actions...

But somehow if we pass new strict gun control laws, SOMEHOW all of those criminals will suddenly decide to obey JUST those new law (while continuing to ignore the rest).

  • gun violence in Mexico..almost 30,000 killed in 2017 ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Sep 12 1:09pm
    Like the United States, Mexicoís constitution offers its citizens the right to bear arms. Access, though, is another story. While the U.S. has some 67,000 licensed firearms dealer, itís different in... more
    • If all those drugs were legal, then the violent drug cartels would not make any money and they would stop fighting for drugs. Also the law abiding citizens need more guns.
    • The part I think is silly is that the same folks who ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 1:54pm
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