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Loony (nm)
Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:43pm

  • Squibs: Classic identifier for demolitions. ~ G🔥🔯💥G, Wed Sep 12 2:38pm
    Here we are 17 years later. Still no arrests of the 911 conspirators. That includes the MSM coverup conspiracy, too. What is obvious is the Deep State brought us 911. The very same Deep State that is ... more
    • so what was the point of flying planes into WTC? ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Sep 12 6:04pm
      ...if they could be brought down by "squibs"? There are so many 'moving parts' to these conspiracy fantasies with 4 jet airliners, 19 identified terrorists, alleged cruise missile, accusations that... more
      • used to bring down a large building. They certainly could be used to INITIATE larger charges that could then sever structural members and demolish a building, but by themselves? Not really.
        • of course...that's a given....for some of us. ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Sep 13 12:04pm
          I think the notion of a conspiracy with folks planting explosives (and unseen & undetected) at structural supports of the WTC's despite hi-jacked aircraft flown by suicidal Islamo lunatics crashing... more
          • After the fact, they were not unseen! ~ G🤔🙄😝G, Fri Sep 14 7:59am
            Nor were they undetected. The building tenants have stated that just weeks before the inside job that there was constant shutdowns of various floors. Security cameras shut off. Tenants told to shut... more
            • Yeah..sure...seen by who? Oh yeah... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Sep 14 11:15am
     doubt they told security they were there to turn off the cameras and install explosives at the support columns just in case the suicide jockey's missed hitting the buildings with a Boeing 757. ... more
              • Who is blaming ~ G🔯😏🔯G, Fri Sep 14 7:49pm
                the Jews. I sure am not. Silverstein just happens to be of that faith. Unfortunately so are most of the known cast of culprits. But it not about a people and their religion or DNA. It's about... more
        • Thank you for attention to detail. ~ G🔯💥🔯G, Thu Sep 13 11:43am
          It changes nothing except to tweak the basics of demolitions. Squibs were present throughout the demolition, some even 20, 30, 40 stories below the leading edge of the floor by floor synchronized... more
          • The real point is that if the goal was to ~ Sprout, Thu Sep 13 12:59pm
            destroy the WTC in a terrorist attack, AND they had the tools and the expertise to get in and rig the building for controlled implosion, what is the purpose of the elaborate hoax of taking the planes ... more
            • Are you dense? ~ G😳🙄😝G, Thu Sep 13 1:34pm
              The operation was orchestrated as a win win. The buildings are demolished for reasons already stated in the video above about Silverstein. The two aircrafts were the cover for the discredited con... more
              • Why would you need jets as a cover? ~ Sprout, Thu Sep 13 1:56pm
                Islamo-fascist terrorists blow up world trade center. They tried it before and finished the job this time. Again, no NEED for an elaborate show with aircraft.
                • Your mistake is accepting ~ G🤔G, Fri Sep 14 7:12am
                  Muslims were the culprits. And if you are referring to 1993, you really are ignorant.
                  • That doesn't matter... ~ Sprout, Fri Sep 14 7:58am
                    Even if you believe there were other ACTUAL perpetrators, they SUCCESSFULLY framed Muslims for trying to blow up the WTC in 1993, why do you think the would be INCAPABLE of doing that AGAIN, and... more
                    • Call me dense. ~ G🙄G, Fri Sep 14 8:13am
                      I really have no clue as to where you are coming from or going. Are you splitting a hair? What is so elaborate about 911? It was well planned and beautifully orchestrated. The Talpiot computer... more
                      • It is simple... ~ Sprout, Fri Sep 14 10:19am
                        Why attack TWICE when once will do? Why hit it with planes publicly and publicly blame the Muslims AND explosively implode it I secret and hide the evidence of implosion? When all you have to do use... more
                        • Yes I do. ~ G🤔G, Fri Sep 14 8:03pm
                          To get rid of those buildings the perps needed a cover for the demolition operation. Yeah it could be said the Muslims used thermate and demolished the structures. Horrible enough! But you do realize ... more
          • spend a lot of time CLAIMING to know a lot of detail which they then use as an argument justifying their claimed expertise. But they REALLY don't know what they are talking about. And when someone... more
            • And just which technical detail is wrong? ~ G😏G, Fri Sep 14 7:14am
              Do you question how much the government got wrong? Like most of the official theory is one big technical fraud. You insist on putting a square peg into a round home due to your reactionary normalcy... more
              • experience blowing stuff up than you do.
                • Okay, be mysterious. ~ G🙄G, Fri Sep 14 8:25am
                  I have not claimed to know anything about any munitions. Nor about nano- thermate. Which is why one goes to someone line Stephen Jones, Phd, or to Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911... more
      • Granted, there is much that seems ~ G🇺🇸🔯🇺🇸G, Wed Sep 12 6:25pm
        to muddy the waters. I think the plan was very well thought out. The Twins were only 50% occupied. Which explains why so relatively few office people were massacred. The building were laced with... more
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