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Ignorant folks think that FEMA should do everything...
Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:54pm

When before Katrina it was understood (by everyone who actually KNEW about it) that the STATE should be handling direct distribution with FEMA providing resources to STATE established distribution points and programs.

But it was politically unacceptable for the left to admit that the democrat governor of Louisiana failed so they had to blame it all on Bush.

So they created the narrative that it was FEMA and not Louisiana as a state that failed. And folks like Merlin who didn't know crap about the actual process lapped it up.

Note how with Rita just a few weeks later, the STATE of Texas did NOT abdicate its responsibilities and FEMA was able to get supplies delivered to state distribution points and the supplies got to the people without the same issues that Louisiana had.

  • PR in the way of materials and other forms of aid. PR left most of it sitting in place and had crooks selling it. I don't recall hearing there wasn't enough money being spent. Although, that could... more
    • Ignorant folks think that FEMA should do everything... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 2:54pm
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