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Another problem I have....
Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:53pm

The media ACTS like it is the gov'ts job to save and provide for EVERYONE regardless of their own foolish acts.

It's kind of like Hillary's "What difference does it make NOW?!" complaint... The individuals did NOTHING to prepare, but that doesn't matter. What difference does it make NOW? NOW is when they need food and water and hotel rooms and cash cards from FEMA. Why isn't FEMA here to take care of them RIGHT NOW?

Folks were TOLD to show up at the Superdome with THREE DAYS of food and water. They HAD time to prepare. Hurricanes do NOT sneak up on you. But they FAILED to prepare. But per the media, the fact that the gov't didn't have ample food and water there IMMEDIATELY is a FAILURE when in fact the gov't should not have had to provide anything for THREE DAYS.

Folks were TOLD to evacuate. Now, I don't like the idea of FORCING people to evacuate. But if you, as an individual, CHOOSE to stay in instead of evacuate, you should not have grounds to complain that the gov't didn't get in to support you IMMEDIATELY after the winds died down.

But the first problem is that the MEDIA blames the gov't for the INDIVIDUAL'S failure to prepare.

And the second problem is that ignorant folks like Merlin lap it up and take it as gospel truth.

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