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No, they did nto show up late...
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:09pm

They showed up on time FOR THE STATE. FEMA did a heck of a job considering the abject FAILURE on the part of the State of Louisiana. No state had EVER simply given up and QUIT in the middle of a disaster. It was completely unprecedented.

Prepared for any contingency? LOL.... so you think FEMA should be prepared for the "contingency" of every other organization involved in relief simply not showing up? FEMA was prepared for any REASONABLE request for support from the state of Louisiana. But it would be UNREASONBLE to expect them to be prepared for the total and complete abdication of responsibility by the states involved.

Interesting fantasy you have.

The failure started with a person named Kathleen Blanco. And another person named Ray Nagin.

But you don't want to admit any failing on their part because they have a "D" by their names on any political listing.

  • FEMA Did Not Even Meet Their Obligations. ~ Merlin, Wed Sep 12 4:02pm
    FEMA was slow off the mark because they showed up late. When they finally showed up is when problems like undistributed supplies started. FEMA is supposed to be prepared for any contingency and they... more
    • No, they did nto show up late... ~ Sprout, Wed Sep 12 4:09pm
      • because Bush(R) was not even aware of what was going on for a week or more and his appointee, Brownie(R) only knew about thoroughbred horses and nothing about FEMA have a "R" by their names on any... more
        • They were doing their job. ~ Sprout, Thu Sep 13 8:10am
          Doing their job wasn't a failure regardless of who was in the White House at the time. The failure was PURELY on the state of Louisiana.
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