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Those are real estate transfer taxes, I believe.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:32pm

Real estate transfer taxes are prohibited by law in was a citizen initiative ballot measure approved in 2012. I have a few investment houses (they're a pain in the ass, and I'm considering liquidating them before the Portland housing market, which is absurdly inflationary, gets a correction). I'll get murdered on capital gains, though... =/

  • California or if it is actually common elsewhere as well. I don't know. My forays into real estate have been more of land than houses.
    • Those are real estate transfer taxes, I believe. ~ Poppet, Wed Sep 12 4:32pm
    • It Isn't In Colorado.... ~ Deanna, Wed Sep 12 3:43pm
      Every state has different ideas.... When we moved to Kansas in the early 80's they taxed your savings accounts years...but, the don't do that anymore....
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