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Compilation of building demolitions.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:47pm

A study of squibs and explosive charges. Study this and compare to the three WTC building. All freefall into their footprints. Did you know there have been quite a few skyscraper fires around the globe. Many of the
these a lot hotter than WTC. Many of them burned way longer than the Twins. Many of these towers were not as well constructed as were the Twins. One huge skyscraper burned for twenty-four hours. It burned out. Nothing but the steel frame remained. It did not collapse. The Twins were very very well constructed. All one need do is search out the videos of the construction as it progressed. The Twins are the only three steel skyscrapers that have ever collapsed because of fire. Indeed, the south tower which was hit second was the first to be demolished. Why? Because the fire personnel up at the impact area stated the fire was minimal and they would be able to put it out. That is a facts. I have heard the communications. Uh uh can't have that and so the tower that had been hit last with less burn time is the first to be brought down. Notice in this video compilation all the structure free fall usually into their footprint. So too did the Twins and the smoking gun Building 7. Wake up and smell the treachery:

    • Loony (nm) ~ KR, Thu Sep 13 5:56am
      • How so? It's a compilation ~ G🔯💥🔯G, Thu Sep 13 8:27am
        of like 911 style like and kind. The difference in the demolishing of the Twins was due to the size of the structures and how well built was the iron frames. That necessitated a different kind of... more
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