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The Ideal Perfection of Socialism: Star Trek's BORG.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:54pm

Of all of the civilizations of myth & fiction, the BORG come closest to the ultimate glory of Socialism. The central tenet of Socialism is the merging of the individual into the Collective. The fairy-tale of "Democratic Socialism" is a attempt to create an artificial distinction between "Socialism" and "Communism (Marxism)" that does not exist in fact. One need only look around at "Political Correctness" and its suppression of individual thought to see that the Left (Socialism) is utterly opposed to Freedom of Speech, one of the foundations of all human freedom. By seizing control of all news & intellectual media, Socialism automatically becomes totalitarianism, as we are witnessing before our very eyes in Venezuela.

I certainly do not claim to have originated the observation that "Borg" = "Socialism". The egalitarianism of the BORG is a total sham, since there is a single, all-powerful Queen whose will is carried out by the collective. The collectivism of the masses prevents any originality of thought, so all individuality is concentrated in the Queen, "Fearless Leader" (Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc) whose will is the sole guide of the Collective.

The BORG only take over countless civilizations for their own good.


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