Five (actually 6) Things to Have for Concealed Carry
Sun Nov 4, 2018 3:11pm

If you are involved in an incident that involved a gun, CALL 911 before the other guy does. Armed robbers will call 911 and claim that YOU tried to rob THEM.


by Wayne Parker [begin quote]
As a practicing attorney with 14 years' experience and a gun owner with a CCW license, there is one thing I would add to Mr. Harrell's info: Be brief on your call with 911 and as soon as you finish the call to 911 to tell them about the shooting, IMMEDIATELY CALL YOUR ATTORNEY!!! [Do NOT call your attorney BEFORE you call 911; doing that will not look good to a jury at any civil or criminal trial that may come later.]. DO NOT WAIT to call your attorney until the police have arrived. By then, it might be too late as the police may confiscate your phone and other possessions while taking control of the scene. If your attorney doesn't answer your call, leave a voice mail AND text/e-mail them requesting their assistance in helping you resolve that particular incident with the police. DO NOT make ANY kind of statement to the police (or paramedics or any other employee/agent of the state) about what happened prior to, during or after the incident, how you or anyone else was injured, etc. because those communications are not protected and can be used against you in a court of law. All you should do is give the police your name, inform them that you are legally carrying a firearm, turn over your gun and CCW license when they request/demand them and make it clear you're exercising your Fifth Amendment rights and not making any kind of statement until your attorney is present. I guarantee you the police and other state employees will repeatedly ask many questions worded in various ways to get you to talk. They will do this even after you tell them you're waiting for your attorney. This may or may not be for nefarious reasons. Tell any emergency medical personnel only what they need to diagnose and treat YOU; any information needed to diagnose anyone else is for them to determine based on their assessment of that person at the scene. Depending on the LEO personalities involved, the officers or others may try to cajole, coerce, trick or intimidate you into making assertions about what happened rather than respect your right to remain silent. KEEP SILENT AND DO NOT OFFER ANY STATEMENT!! I must add that refraining from making a statement will be extremely hard to do psychologically. If you ever have to use deadly force in self-defense, you're going to experience an adrenaline spike like you've never had before. After the danger has passed, the adrenaline will abate and you will get shakes and other unpleasant feelings, followed by a very strong and understandable desire is to justify your actions to anyone at the scene who will listen. You will be bursting at the seams to get your story out to anyone who looks or sounds sympathetic. You will want to do anything you can to avoid arrest and a night in jail while the police sort things out. The police will play on that intense psychological desire to encourage you to talk about what happened. Some will even state out loud that if you do not cooperate that means you have something to hide, i.e. "talk to us now and we can 'protect' you." DO NOT say a single word beyond the phrase, "I want my lawyer," until your attorney is physically present by your side and you have had a chance to confer with him/her in private. Your attorney can then get your side of the story in private where your communication is privileged and cannot be used in a court of law. After that, your attorney will advise you what statement, if any, you should give that won't get you into trouble for what would otherwise be a justifiable use of deadly force.
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by James Brown[begin quote]
Wayne Parker....I HAVE been through this before. And TRUST me from my own experience, EVERYTHING you said is 100% correct!! When you get that adrenaline spike, it MUST be released. And this WILL cause you to run your mouth!! If you are going to carry a defensive weapon, you NEED to practice your “lines” and do it often. As to become muscle memory. Or else you will spew everything. My attorney is on retainer and I have insurance for this very thing. And both have advised to call 911, say EXACTLY “there has been a shooting at (address) and hang up the phone”!! Do NOT answer when they call back. And trust me the police will be on the way. You do NOT need to tell them anything else. Even if you are 100% justified in your shooting, your words can and WILL be used AGAINST you!! And you can very likely spend the rest of your life in prison!! Also keep in mind, the 911 call IS recording as soon as you hit send on that phone!! So do NOT talk while it is ringing!! This has caused others great grief!! Lastly one thing the attorney even didn’t mention, let YOUR ATTORNEY do as much of the talking as possible!! Bc you can NOT be held responsible for what he says; as that is “hearsay” in the court of law!!!!! Anything you say WILL be used against you and NOT to your benefit!! There is absolutely NO BENEFIT to talking!! Again, it WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU!!! Oh one more thing, even the shittiest of lawyers are gonna start out at about 25,000 for ANY shooting. And that’s a very easy case that doesn’t go to trial of any kind. If you are going to carry a weapon, you TRULY need to think about this and consider getting some kind of insurance for this. But with that, there ARE laws that state what insurances can and can’t do. So I personally have an “insurance” that isn’t really an “insurance”! I have a “membership” and they cover EVERYTHING, from the first minute I call them!! And they have attorneys in my area on 24/7/365 standby and are DEFENSIVE shooting experts! If you need to shoot someone, don’t call a brain surgeon!! You need an expert in the field of defensive shooting!!
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In short, clamp your mouth shut and keep it clamped until you speak with your lawyer. Don't let the police con you with accusing you of "non cooperation". Insist that you will cooperate fully them fully AFTER consulting with your lawyer and then bite your tongue. They won't like it, but it is the smartest thing to do. Silence does not carry any presumption of guilt. Remember, a JUDGE will determine if you acted properly. The opinion of the police does not count.

Let the OTHER GUY talk himself into jail. Chances are that he will.


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