But they didn't spend years investigating...
Sun Nov 4, 2018 5:29pm

…...and talk to all 350 million Americans to see if ANYONE has any real evidence other than the partisan lies of that activist DUMocrat wh0re.

As Trish would say, they should have investigated Blasey Ford's lying bullshit more thoroughly in the hopes that DUMocrats would control the Senate and they could keep Kavanaugh, a great judge, off the bench.

  • This will stick in Hammer's and Merlin's craws ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Nov 4 5:26pm
    To a couple of partisan nerds: Your erroneous judgment of Brett Kavanaugh was based solely on your irrational prejudice against President Donald Trump. Choke, baby, choke! Nee-nar-nee-nar-nee-nar,... more
    • but an attack on the US Supreme Court, and definitely conspired to create division and disunity between political philosophies. I hope those referred for further investigation for their lies are... more
    • But they didn't spend years investigating... ~ ARXET the TRAITOR DUMocrat, Sun Nov 4 5:29pm
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