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Mon Nov 5, 2018 10:42am

CIA whistleblower told superiors its communications system was flawed. Obama’s CIA directors ignored and fired him in 2011.

Iran and China learned of the system, then breached it in 2011 and 2012.

Dozens of CIA agents were killed.

Scandal-free admin.

Michael Flynn, Jr……2h
The left are the party of violence and racism.

#VoteRed tomorrow to stop these anti-American RATS .


Ronna McDaniel…….1h
A vote for any Democrat tomorrow is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Higher taxes, open borders, and government-run health care are all on the ballot.

@realDonaldTrump and Republicans are making great progress – vote to keep it going!

Combat Debater……..2h
Obama’s mentor
Louis Farrakhan led a chant of
“Death to America!”
on a solidarity visit to Iran this past weekend.

This sadly doesn’t surprise me. On Nov 6th the left will go to the polls and vote death to America.

We Must Stop Them!

Charlie Kirk……..4h
Our incredible President @realDonaldTrump has sacrificed his business, billionaire lifestyle, his decades of success, all to be attacked by the media daily to try and save our country from leftist open-border elites who wish us all harm

Least we can do is vote tomorrow

Donald Trump, Jr……..2h
Today @kimguilfoyle and I are doing 6 stops in 5 states. We aren’t going to leave anything on the field.

The success of @realdonaldtrump is on the ballot. We have done over 100 campaign stops this midterm season and countless media hits - let’s defy history #VOTE!

Surprised to read this excellent analysis in the NYT for two reasons: 1) it's actually good and 2) it is one of the very few times I've seen a conservative published there for reasons other than trashing conservatives.

Educating Liberals…….14h

Flash flood warnings are expected to take place on Wednesday morning.

Snowflakes are supposed to melt at an accelerated rate.


Candace Owens……..3h
It’s so great to see so many celebrities speaking out, telling us what we should do with our votes.

I mean— could you imagine a world where we all voted for the candidate of our choice, as opposed to the one @taylorswift13 and @Oprah told us to vote for?


Ari Fleischer……..3h
The reason Bill Clinton and other Democratic leaders can share a stage with this man is because, with the exception of Jake Tapper, most of the media looks the other way. If an R stood next to David Duke, the MSM’s hammering would never stop.

Ronna McDaniel…….12h
Democrat Claire McCaskill’s family has gotten rich from $131 MILLION in taxpayer subsidies and dodged hundreds of thousands in taxes on their private plane.

They even made at least $11 MILLION from a program meant to help the poor.

Vote Claire out and elect @HawleyMO! #MOSen

Michael Flynn, Jr…….3h

I haven’t watched @nbcsnl in YEARS. I won’t watch a program now full of beta male soy boys.

It’s absolutely your right to make fun of our veterans..

To real Americans out there...

#VoteRed to send these #LittleArm #WeakFaced losers a message that America is HERE TO STAY!

Charlie Kirk…….11h

There were more than 40 acts of or threats of violence against Conservatives in October alone

Add this to the 613 acts of media-approved violence against Trump supporters & Conservatives this year

Don't give the mob power.

Tyler Zed………13h
Stacey Abrams, Democratic Governor candidate in Georgia, has a gun control plan that may REQUIRE Georgians to “turn their guns in.”

I know 2.1 million people in Georgia who voted for Trump in 2016 that would rather turn their bullets in first before their guns. Good luck lady.

By Chris Jacobs: "The left and media assume if you don’t support Obamacare, then you cannot want to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions. False.”

Chuck Woolery………13h
Drudge says the Verdict is Split. No one knows what the verdict is until Tuesday night.

Bill O’Reilly…….50m
It is almost beyond comprehension that the Democratic Party basically supports open borders and is fine with providing welfare payments to millions of undocumented aliens when the country is $22 trillion in debt.

Washington Examiner………3h
The Washington Examiner’s Twitter feed was hacked and a tweet was posted that did not come from our staff. We are taking appropriate action and will issue a further statement if necessary.

Kevin Corke…….5h
Kevin Corke Retweeted Bret Baier
Whoa... #MidtermElections2018 #Vote
Kevin Corke added,
Bret Baier
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Some crowds are cordoned off and shot in way that makes them look bigger. This one is just big.

Donald Trump, Jr………3h

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Joel B. Pollak
When will the democrats disavow this guy?

Answer: NEVER
Donald Trump Jr. added,
Joel B. Pollak
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Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America‘ in Iran | Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

James Woods…….37m
James Woods Retweeted Mayor Bill de Blasio
This is his proudest moment.
James Woods added,
Mayor Bill de Blasio
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We've registered nearly 900 incarcerated individuals and jail facility visitors to vote in the upcoming general election because it’s their right, and their voices matter.
Charles V. Payne……4h
Charles V Payne Retweeted The Hill
Only conservative backlash? I guess the folks at @thehill really revere SNL celebrities so much that they would slander to defend Alec Baldwin and suggest that only a conservative are offended by mean skit
Charles V Payne added,

The Hill
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SNL's Pete Davidson sparks conservative backlash for mocking GOP candidate who lost eye in combat

Beto O’Rourke…..20h

US Senate candidate, TX
Youth voter turnout during the early voting has been OFF THE CHARTS! Our voters are turning out in droves to cast their ballots. But it could all be for nothing if too few people show up on Election Day. Chip in now >>

Candace Owens……58m
Candace Owens Retweeted Dan Crenshaw
Unfortunately, it’s not a joke to them. Leftists genuinely have disdain for our military members, veterans, police officers, and border patrol agents.
They honor only celebrities and Hollywood elitists.

This is one reason, among many others, that I will be voting RED tomorrow.
Candace Owens added,
Dan Crenshaw
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US House candidate, TX-2
Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended. That being said, I hope @nbcsnl recognizes that vets don’t deserve to see their wounds used as punchlines for bad jokes.

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