The Moon is likely an arcology.
Mon Nov 5, 2018 1:15pm

And a machine. It and its occupants likely have everything to do with the creation of life on earth. The occupants employ astounding camouflage to hide their presence. And NASA and other involved national security apparati, hold their secrets close to the chest. Yet, the lunar realities continue to break through the wall of obfuscation and the silence. Bruce Swartz has proven there are UFOs all over the lunar surface. The following link ought to cause even the most overly educated of the haughty Pavolian-trained numbskulls to cast low their herd-snottery in humble supplication to that which makes their vaunted "logic" a very sour cottage cheese indeed. Merely because that which is presented at first glance looks to be natural mountains, a closer inspection reveals seemingly a disarray of flotsam and jetsom foreign to our human sense of order and purpose. We WANT to see the natural because our genuflectors tell us to. Face it, our sense of architecture and size is about as relative to the lunar arcology as to a African ant hill, or an infestation of termites. New York City is structured for our earthy human requirements. Disabuse your brainwashing. Think outside the box for once in your insipid blissful ignorance. Enjoy:


    • Here is the proper link. ~ Oops 😐, Mon Nov 5 1:20pm
      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rwKNpkqtL5A The other link works but is about earthly sighting among us on earth.
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