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Interesting Morning.....
Tue Nov 6, 2018 9:46am

I generally watch Fox and Friends, which is ALWAYS upbeat and happy, no matter what......:) I switched over to "Morning Joe" for about 15 minutes and found it to be "Depression Central".....all their commentary was negative, as usual....and morose....except for one Democrat Senator that boasted that the Democrats want a closed border, but do not want babies taken from their mothers....LOL WHAT? Apparently, he is clueless to the fact that Obama is the one that started taking babies from the mothers AND why in the world doesn't he push and vote for closed borders??? Same old, same old.....Depressed always...poor things....

Someone on Fox matter the outcome of the election.....Trump may get stronger by running against a Pelosi Congress......YAY for the Positive Republicans!! Whoo Hoo......:)

Have a great day, everyone!!! :)

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