MARS is a debris field graveyard for a
Tue Nov 6, 2018 12:34pm

former civilization. Certainly those areas the rovers are inspecting and imaging are evidence of a destroyed civilization. Whether by natural forces or from suicidal warfare, much of the detritus is rubble and not just rock, but pieces and bits of ruins. Were these images to be shown to archaeologists but not revealed as being on Mars, you can bet the vote would be civilization-ruins. Anyone can see this is a fact. NASA is a liar. A small elite are controlling the Mars images. These pics are being manipulated to remove the most obvious. Mars is the mythological God of war. Maybe our ancestors knew more about that planet's demise. The bible refers to a long ago universal war between Lucifer and his angels and Michael his angels. Whatever. The attached video link should at the very least cause anyone who is still able to think, free of the genuflectors, to think twice and thrice about what are in these images.


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