Uberlefty James Carville looks like someone peed in his tea.
Tue Nov 6, 2018 7:35pm

and he said with that look on his puss:

"It's NOT goan be the wave election we were hopin' fer..."

He said based on what's going on in Fla senate race it's just not there...

So he probably knows stuff we don't and he looked flat and sad... with a frozen smile and shrug sayin' "there's still a lotta politics to get through tonight so who knows..."

But his mug said it's not happenin'...

    • He resides on the Moon. ~ G👽👻G, Tue Nov 6 7:55pm
      And flies one of those thingys Bruce has documented. He is an alien.
      • He does look kinda lizzardy... ~ Ted, Tue Nov 6 7:59pm
        DOH! And he's in San Francisco which is 'chully creepier than his native New Orleans, as odd as that seems (because New Orleans is skin-crawlingly creepy just being there --- it's a haunted city )... more
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