KDM on the left coast
why California has lurched leftward...
Wed Nov 7, 2018 11:27am

    • California's backbone has a bad case of osteoporosis. Most likely a terminal case. The California rich are not rich enough to supply the poorer classes with enough freebies to feed, clothe, house,... more
      • Mene mene..... ~ G😡G, Wed Nov 7 10:02pm
        The state leadership is mad. But I recall it being nutty too under the republican governors. Like I have said, were I younger I would move out of state. Indeed, out of the US.
      • there is a tipping point to all of this... ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Nov 7 4:16pm
        ...the continuing loss of middle class folks & families should be setting off alarm bells of real concern in Sacramento. What real future is there?
        • Not to mention the alarm bells ~ G💨G, Wed Nov 7 10:09pm
          from the latest weather prognosticators that Califoria is going to become drier and drier well into mid-century. That puts me at 105 years old, and way past it. Sacrsmento seems utterly oblivious for ... more
    • Colorado IS Right Behind California! ~ Deanna, Wed Nov 7 2:48pm
      What with a retiring Democrat Governor and a new Left Wing Democrat Governor......along with a complete Democrat Legislature...... Coloradoans did vote down taxes for roads on the ballot.....which,... more
      • Colorado used to be solid red state.... ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Nov 7 4:19pm
        ....then the Rockie Mountain High tree huggers started flooding the state.
          • LOL NOT!!! ~ Deanna, Thu Nov 8 8:50am
            They have leveled the gasoline playing field with the Mideast, among others...that in itself is quite a Republican Feat!!! BRAVO!!! And it has certainly improved the economy in Colorado and the... more
            • You see dollar signs. I see enormous ~ G🤑G, Thu Nov 8 9:09am
              environmental destruction, the longer term impact not yet realized in terms of health and dollar costs. By the way, did you see that fracking-created 'mudslide' that destroyed that beautiful valley... more
        • YES!!! It IS!!!! ~ Deanna, Wed Nov 7 8:51pm
          Actually, the hippies invaded the mountains.....was the beginning in the 60's and 70's....they were despised by the natives....they did everything they could to run them out.....but, you know how... more
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