That's a tax for homeless, not a tax on homeless people. (nm)
Wed Nov 7, 2018 11:32am

  • homeless tax San Francisco passes ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Nov 7 11:10am I find the notion that thousands of homeless living in the streets of San Francisco are there only because housing ... more
    • they're throwing money at yawl in San Francisco so rail your way there! Just as the libs so gleefully snided (great name for a garage band) when Salt Lake City solved The Unhomed by building them lil ... more
      • Generally..... ~ Deanna, Thu Nov 8 8:56am
        The homeless are that way, because they refuse to take care of themselves (they want someone else to do it) and certainly refuse to take care of any property, as again (someone else should do... more
    • And you're right. ~ shadow, Wed Nov 7 12:20pm
      That's why most conservatives want to shrink the government big time. The American people cannot afford the government we have.
    • I'd like to help the homeless more, but I agree it's bad for businesses to tax them too much. Some immigrants pay hundreds of dollars to get here illegally. If they want to be here that badly, maybe... more
    • That's a tax for homeless, not a tax on homeless people. (nm) ~ Ken C, Wed Nov 7 11:32am
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