Will be sure to spread the word here in Dallas that
Wed Nov 7, 2018 12:30pm

they're throwing money at yawl in San Francisco so rail your way there!

Just as the libs so gleefully snided (great name for a garage band) when Salt Lake City solved The Unhomed by building them lil homes... I wondered WHY they never followed up on that OBVIOUS success story?

I mean it was radio silence. You'da thought it was Johannesberg after aparthied... not a PEEP!

So I looked into it for ya.

Turns out that what WAS about 500 Unhomed is now 15,000 at least and counting.

Those cute lil homes are swarming with Unhomed, insects and disease. Plumbing and electrical problems. Piles o' pooh and needles. Weedephenilia everywhere.. if you can even FIND any current stories on it, read the comments section where the folks who have to drive by the area tell the troof.

So you can 100% count on San Francisco boasting the VERY FIRST genuine USA-made Favela, where if your helicopter goes down, they eat ya.

Plan libcordingly...

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