TRUE story of the difference between Socialism & Capitalism.
Wed Nov 7, 2018 5:24pm

When Israel was founded, the telephone system was a governmental monopoly. Up until the regime of Menachem Begin, a died-in-the-wool capitalis, it took TWO YEARS from the time that the order was placed until a telephone was installed. Begin sold off the telephone system as a private stock company. Within a few months, the average delivery time of a telephone was reduced to TWO DAYS.

Not a joke, but the simple truth.

Begin also sold off El Al Airlines. The new owners promptly fired HALF of the workers without reducing flights or services.

Another true story: Before he became Prime Minister of the USSR, Mikail Gorbachev was Minister of Agriculture. In that capacity, he visited Canada. One of his stops was a tour of a wheat farm. The director of the wheat farm gave Gorbachev a guided tour. Of course, there wasn't much to see: Just a colossal set of fields, some roads, with a small house and a huge equipment barn in the center.

The manager lived in the house so he could stay close to his work. In the barn, the manager showed Gorbachev the massive pieces of equipment that actually did the physical work on the farm: tractors, seeders, combines, etc, etc. A dozen guys were busy in the barn maintaining the equipment.

After the tour was over, Gorbachev asked the manager, "Where are the workers?" The manager replied, "I showed them to you. Those men in the equipment barn." Gorbachev responded, "But there were only twelve men in that barn. Where are the REST of the workers?" The manager answered, "Except for me, that's the complete staff. There are no others." Gorbachev was stunned and remarked, "On a farm of this size in the Soviet Union, we would have FIVE HUNDRED workers." The manager looked at Gorbachev and shrugged.

This may have been one of the events that opened up Gorbechov's eyes to the futility of Communism.


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