Excuse me! How does truth stand down?
Wed Nov 7, 2018 6:41pm

Must it be the original, and last victim into eternity? My view is the professor is correct. It was a criminal act to garner warfare. By your remark. I assume you disagree. When rogue factions gain power, including media control, and they commit the crime and the truth seeps through, is one and all to ignore this because it's politically incorrect? Too much squirming because truth is often very very painful to accept? Phooey on you for suggesting Mr. Bower and I having even a simple iota in common. I do not encourage any anger or violence. There are nutcases to be sure. No one people is guilty. Just a relatively small cabal. It was always a criminal matter deliberately kept out of the courts because the scam was pre-planned be a military matter. That was the intent, to make war by way of a contrived excuse presented as Islamic terrorism. Stay in the four square sandbox where your comfortable prescription disallows the "unthinkable."

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