Why I am CERTAIN of massive election fraud.
Wed Nov 7, 2018 9:01pm

My logic is impeccable:

It is claimed that voter fraud does not occur.

Figures are published that it is at somewhere about one per million [or even billion] votes. For some of these absurd claims, see this link:


Here is an example from the previous link:
"A comprehensive 2014 study published in The Washington Post found 31 credible instances of impersonation fraud from 2000 to 2014, out of more than 1 billion ballots cast."

OK, folks, let's put on our thinking caps. Each day, dozens of persons DIE from blunders in hospitals across the nation. This is despite the enormous care used. These days, each drug dose has a bar code which is compared with the medication prescribed for each patient and the bar code on each patient's wrist. Does ANYBODY think that there are only one serious error per BILLION drug doses? [If you do, please contact me at once; I have some swampland in the middle of the Sahara to sell you at a great bargain price.]

The USA's electoral system is immensely complicated, involving hundreds of thousands of persons actually directly involved in each election (other than voters). The opportunities for fraud are colossal, especially when, unlike nearly EVERY OTHER COUNTRY, picture voter IDs are not universally required. Fraud is absurdly easy for the dedicated political cheat. Alter or mis-report counts. Destroy or create paper ballots. Rig voting machines. The methods are limitless and security is far less than what is prudent.

Hence, I have concluded that the idea that we have only 31 cases per BILLION (or whatever absurd number is claimed) is outside the range of credibility. If they reported that one hundredth of one percent (one out of ten thousand) votes were fraudulent, I would commend the system for its excellent security. But when they claim less than one per million or billion or whatever, my BS detector starts flashing. No rational person can possibly actually believe in the claimed low rates of voter fraud. Those who say that they believe the posted rates are either lying, insane, or pathetically STUPID. There is only ONE reason that voter fraud is not reported much more frequently: There has NEVER been any serious investigation into the issue, despite claims to the contrary.



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