KDM on the left coast
true enough...Acosta wasn't so much about "journalism"...
Thu Nov 8, 2018 9:08am

...as he was about "got cha' " questions. What a contrast to how so much of the media treated Obama. Practically fawning...surprised someone in the media didn't offer to shine Obama's shoes. That was also in contrast to how the media treated the previous President, Dubya. Of course any tough questioning on Obama would lead to the dreaded "r" word, racism. Thats the PC game, nowadays. Now we have the likes of Acosta claiming Freedom of the Press is now under assault. ....oh, boo hoo Being obnoxious only invites the response it got from Trump. Which may very well have been Acosta's intent! Probably thinks he should earn Pulitzer. Is there one for obnoxious & disrespectful news reporting? ;-)

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