Hey you gloating lefties --- you can thank RINO'S
Thu Nov 8, 2018 9:31am

like Ryan and Flake --- 40 of 'em --- for your "victory".

Without these defacto defections, which was a fluke, yawl would NOT have the house.

AND there will be a balancing of the books soon enough.

Enjoy it while it lasts... Trump/Pense vs Beto/Cortez will be a washout with coat-tails.

Looooong ones too...

(Hey, I was right about the lack of a "blue wave")

    • Look At The Vote Counts... ~ Amadeus, Thu Nov 8 2:03pm
      Republicans only held onto as much as they did because of gerrymandering and voter suppression. And both of those are going to be addressed. In areas where ballot measures were put forward to address ... more
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