USA Over The Joseph Stalin Threshold - Merlin
Borderline Shooter Resolves Mass Shooter Problem By Pushing
Thu Nov 8, 2018 6:34pm

    • Uncle Joe should know.... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Nov 9 1:07pm
      ...he had statistics that made Hitler look like a piker.
      • Tru Dat! It's Like Traffic Fatalities ~ Merlin, Fri Nov 9 1:45pm
        There are so many of them that unless a celebrity is involved they make the news rarely. It will probably come to that soon with mass shootings.
        • local news here in the L.A. & Orange County area... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Nov 9 4:01pm
          ..cover quite a few or mention how the freeway traffic is bumper to bumper because of another accident...fatal or not. Its a daily situation....and then there are the numerous 'hit & run' accidents.
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