From One Of My California Friends.....
Fri Nov 9, 2018 11:15am

Read below this most excellent essay about how current California government and social policies are fast ruining the home of Ronald Reagan.
Not mentioned are two more dangerous things introduced by Liberal California Politicians:

No cash bail...........this means most criminals are going to released pending trial without having to post "cash bail". The result of course will be that most criminals will simply not show up for court dates, simply because they know that they (or family) members will not forfeit the posted bail monies.............what LibTard Moron came up with this?

Sanctuary State status is re-affirmed by your new wack job Governor Gavin Newsome (who makes Moon Beam Brown look like Ronald Reagan). This means that most of the Central American Caravaners will naturally want to go to California, for once in California they will not have to worry about getting turned over to ICE if caught committing a crime by local Police.

Sanctuary status will also embolden Illegal Alien criminal activity........Think about it, you and I don't commit crime because we fear going to prison. The MS-13 GangBanger thinks that getting caught means I just get sent back to El Salvador to see my family and return at a later date.

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