Deplorable Otis
Fri Nov 9, 2018 9:33pm

we’ve unleashed so much oil....we’re causing a price drop! We had a big party last night for members of the geological society. One of the drinks being served was a jalapeño margarita.......dang....they were awesome!!

    • Love It!!! ~ Deanna, Sat Nov 10 1:53pm
      Thanks, Otis and friends.... I
    • Thanks, Otis. ~ shadow, Sat Nov 10 12:05pm
      What would we do without you? Is there another puppy in your life now that Harley has departed?
      • No... ~ Deplorable Otis, Sat Nov 10 7:05pm my age I don’t think it would be fair for a dog to enter into my life. I love dogs but they need more active people. We still have Abbie. She getting to a point where she moves like me so... more
    • you da man, Otis! ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Nov 10 9:10am
      Love that oil and gasoline. :-)
    • …..Nothing says freedom like gassing up the SUV and hitting the road.
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