A Harrowing Story From The Paradise Camp Fire
Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:53am

Nichole Jolly
Yesterday at 5:14 AM
I cant even believe Im alive right now. I went to work at FRH and was told to get my patients ready to be discharged because the fire was moving too fast. Some of my patients couldn't even walk, 5 minutes later the hospital gets a code triage and we have to immediately take patients to the ER no matter what. I put them in wheelchairs and got them all out. I stayed till the last patient was out. The police said to try and drive to Clark rd. I got in my car all alone called my husband Nicand told him I got all the patients out but I don't think Im going to make it home, he told me to run. As I was heading on Pearson rd the fire came up behind me soo fast that another car hit the back of mine and pushed me off the road. I pushed the gas and my car wouldn't go. I didn't want to leave my car but then it started to fill with smoke. I knew I would die if I stayed in the car. I watched my friend Karen Fuller Davis car melt in front of my eyes. I jumped out of my car, even though the fire was surrounding me, thinking I could save her. I knocked on her window but her car was filled with smoke. I couldn't open the door because it was melted. I had to leave her thinking I just witnessed my friend die. I was running up the hill while my pants where on fire. I jumped into a car (Dr. McLartys) burnt a hole in her seat from my pants and we prayed together. Her car began to fill with smoke and I jumped out of her car and ran again. This was truly the time I thought Im dead because I couldn't see infont of me and I was running out of air. I pushed forward and God heard my prayers because I ran into a fire truck. I went to bang on the door but the side of the truck was melted off. I banged on it anways and 2 firefighters scooped me up and put out the fire on me and put put me in their truck. I was the first survivor to make it to the fire truck within minutes the 4 seat firetruck had 8 people in it. I heard the firefighter say over the radio, we're not going to make it we need air support, but the team said it wasn't possible. The firefighters put fire blankets over us and said dont come out. We were trapped by cars on fire and trees falling around us. The wind was so bad it caused a fire tornado that took out a few cars. I peeked out my fireblanket and saw a dozer come up from behind us. It cleared a path and we were able to turn the engine around. As we were heading back to the hospital I saw my car completely ingulfed in flames. My friend Karen was no where to be found. I made it back to the hospital where we set up a triage area. People were flooding in and I needed to stay busy. I saw a lady die on a gurney and had to write time of death on her arm say a prayer and cover her up. I turned to and saw my beautiful friend Karen and we broke down crying in each other's arms. For the next few hours we treated patients side by side refusing to leave eachother. We had to witness our hospital burn to the ground. Karen and I were the last nurses to leave. We got into Dr McLartys car (half burnt) and drove through the fire again to make it to Oroville. My aunt Cathy Murphy Weitze pick me up and took me to Enloe to see my mom Heidi Jolly. I found out at the hospital that Nic was trying to get to me and no one could get ahold of him. Jordan Jolly went with his dad to find me and I was able to reach him and tell him I was alive. Tamara Carney and her husband Kevin Carneytook Lilly and Logan Jolly and kept them safe. I was able to reunite with my family and shared a long hug. Im lucky to be alive. My home is ok as far as I know, but we had to leave the horses and my pig behind. I love my family and friends so much thank you for all your help.

    • What a story! ~ Shadow, Sat Nov 10 10:55am
      She was meant to survive, and after all that went back to help others. God bless her more.
      • You have to ask ~ Birdman, Sat Nov 10 12:09pm
        If we can send 5000 troops to protect the border from refugees trying to sneak into the country why canít we send 5000/10000 troops to the fire lines to keep the country from burning down?? NAB
        • They Have Done Just That.... ~ Deanna, Sat Nov 10 1:50pm
          I saw where quite a large group from Colorado were sent to California....I think before the 2 Southern California fires....they just don't make the news...sadly I did not copy and paste and keep the... more
          • I was wondering how many miitary ~ Shadow, Sat Nov 10 2:31pm
            Firemen we have, how many have the training needed to fight canyon fires and how many have the incredible physical strength and readiness required. Hooray for Colorado.
          • Here You Go.... ~ Deanna, Sat Nov 10 2:00pm
            • Thatís National Guard ~ Birdman, Sat Nov 10 8:26pm
              We need 5 or 10k combat ready troops right now. We have 250k + troop active duty in the continental US stationed at bases why canít they be mobilized and on the fires lines. This is nuts we are being ... more
              • I have observed these criminals doing their weather experimentation and weather warfare upon California for at least the past 20 years. You might want to check out 1PacificRedwood.
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