The California Fires
Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:19pm

Local news stated last night that the
number of evacuees because of the fires
would fill the Rose Bowl and another
large stadium, Dodgers' I think. More
than 140,000 people.

The winds come down from Montana and
pick up great speed going through
the canyons - some 60 mph yesterday -
and arrive in dry brush arid conditions.
They've stopped for now, but the fire
is still there. But when the winds
come again tomorrow night, they will
spread the fires with the intensity
that we've seen this week.

Those of you who pray, don't stop.

They just told the story of a fireman
who saw a little old lady in a wheel chair
holding on to her puppy and wheeling down
the road away from the fire. The truck
picked her up and got her to a hospital.

    • 23 dead in Paradise Camp fire! ~ G🌚G, Sun Nov 11 7:12am
      I have been stating with examples over and over that the drought is caused by aerosol jet spraying and EMF transmitters keeping rain out of California. The reaction by most is disbelief as if this... more
      • so who is it exactly who wants to 'kill' California? ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Nov 11 3:08pm
        What do they plan to accomplish by that....IOW's what is the end goal? Would not our "fine" politicians and bureaucrats in Sacramento be alert to the nefarious neer do wells and be on those... more
    • It IS Unbelievable....What IS Happening... ~ Deanna, Sat Nov 10 2:04pm
      I have wondered what happened to the forest breaks they once made on the hills and mountains to stop fires....I haven't seen any in years past.....sadly.... But, I also remember the fires in Orange... more
      • the winds are only part of the problem ~ trish, Sat Nov 10 3:01pm
        it is where land has been approved for housing or business. Wildfires like this are a natural part of a forest's life. They clear away underbrush and dying trees so new growth occurs. Unfortunately,... more
        • Stop Geoengineering! ~ G🌚G, Sun Nov 11 7:15am
          The weather is a contrivance. The drought is a direct result of jet stream manipulation. It's the reality based on FACTS, not theory.
        • But tey are the most significant ~ shadow, Sat Nov 10 8:18pm
          part when it comes to the rapid spread, because at such high speeds they spew the ash miles, not feet away. Observers speak of being on a hill seeing the fire far away and in just seconds have it... more
        • Ummmmm Paradise ~ Deanna, Sat Nov 10 3:51pm
          isn't in Simi Valley.....and this has been farming country....with tall grass that goes golden and dry by this time of year.....that is what they raging fire was about more than this... more
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