Setting the record straight about GHWBUSHWHACKER!
Mon Dec 3, 2018 8:38am

Don't you just love the MSM revisionist history about the man who was directly implicated in the murder of President Kennedy. John John tried to clue us in with his wry magazine name.... GEORGE. Alas, he too was removed as a potential threat to the Bush Die-nasty. Especially the threat to Hillary's NY ambitions and her planned White House insertion. You wonder why Daddy and Billy Boy got along so well? Haha. Three letters....CIA!! One big happy community of Devils. Baby was born to "Rosemary, a cloven-hooved clan-coven that brought us 911. That treasonous con operation has placed Babylon in position for her demise. Blow the Trump! The attached video ought to help the innocent and delicate to understand how Babylon arrived at her final destiny. Take this bitter pill. The truth is sweet to the taste though the tears are salty. Ride upon this burr to the place that will set you free from the bullshit MSM spews out about how great was this dreadful person. The video is over an hour. Do not watch this if you cannot take it to the very end. Warning: a few graphic images.


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