Flynn's Sentencing Memo...
Wed Dec 5, 2018 8:59am (XFF:

...looks very bad for Trump. It indicates that the investigation into Russian involvement is active, deep, and that Flynn had quite a bit of information that the Special Counsel's Office found useful concerning the campaign and transition. It also showed that Flynn's cooperation has been crucial in 3 investigations, a criminal investigation, the Russian interference investigation, and a completely redacted third investigation. Something Mueller didn't want to tip his hand on, and the judge agreed that the redactions were appropriate.

Evidence that Flynn has provided (including emails and other communications) have shown that others in the Trump administration lied about contacts with the Russians during the campaign and transition. Lied to the public and to the FBI.


    • Just stop it! ~ Mondo Fuego™, Wed Dec 5 12:30pm
      You are making all this up. You don't have a clue what Herr Komrad Hatchetman Mueller is doing. You are always blabbing that big mouth off about stuff about which you know nothing.
    • Trump haters.
      • All the evidence points in the other direction. As I see it, the only thing that is keeping Trump in office is the combination of: 1) A Republican Senate. 2) Republican Party leadership that is more... more
        • You see it the way you do ~ Mondo Fuego™, Wed Dec 5 12:33pm
          because you are a Trump-hater, not because you really know anything. A prudent person would sit and wait. Few, if any, give a damn about how you see it. You are usually always wrong.
        • All the evidence nailed her to the wall in so many ways. Yet...she's as free as a bird. Of course, it sure helped having Obama's corrupt Justice Department and FBI.
        • TW and his Republican party are blind to facts ~ True facts no lies and the truth must be told, Wed Dec 5 10:26am
          Texra and Mondo are Trump puppets with not enough brain to think out of party lines.
    • Lock them up ! Lock them up ! Lock them up ~ True facts no lies and the truth must be told, Wed Dec 5 9:27am
      Dont let them Tread on you.Hang them High.MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
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