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You are not qualified to make that judgment.
Thu Dec 6, 2018 10:55pm

You are lucky to be posting here.

  • Trump.looks to Xi Jinping ~ True facts no lies and the truth must be told, Thu Dec 6 8:35pm
    Trump is the great divider Divider of America divider of the world.If you are not a Russian or a Saudi or some kind of a dictator The Orange Monkey thinks you are not a leader fit to associate with.
    • He appears to be weak because he is. ~ G🤔G, Fri Dec 7 7:46am
      So too is the United States appearing rather moribund What can one expect when the government is now a Deep State subverted operation directly involved in undermining the Cobstitutional Head of our... more
    • You are not qualified to make that judgment. ~ Mondo Fuego™, Thu Dec 6 10:55pm
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