Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:37pm

Yes! There more MS 13 gangs, no more using the benefits, so we can spend taxpayers money for other Democrats wish list of projects..... your myopia is astounding...!! But, then you ARE a Democrat......SAD!!!

  • There are no benefits. (nm) ~ KR, Mon Jan 14 12:34pm
    • Only for Trump,who you darn well know ~ clint (I), Mon Jan 14 2:45pm
      will demand a kickback ,worth plenty.
      • Again..... ~ Deanna, Mon Jan 14 3:37pm
        You no sabe nada!! The only ones that ever got kickbacks during and after their Presidency were Bill and Hillary Clinton....DEMOCRAT PARTY!! President Trump donates his salary to a worthy cause... more
    • LOLOL ~ Deanna, Mon Jan 14 12:37pm
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