"...I am a native speaker." (nm)
Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:55pm

  • Did you grow up speaking Yiddish? ~ G🧐G, Mon Jan 14 11:32am
    Or is this something you studied to learn to speak Yiddish?
    • Yes. I grew up speaking Yiddish. (nm) ~ DFM, Mon Jan 14 2:18pm
      • Are therel pockets of populations ~ G😊G, Tue Jan 15 11:08am
        still speaking Yiddish here in Babylon? Can Yiddish be referred to as a language? Itís a mish mesh of German and Hebrew? Is there a formal Yiddish?
        • Answers about Yiddish ~ DFM, Tue Jan 15 1:10pm
          1. Yes, there are such pockets in USA & several other countries, including Israel. There are Israelis who DO NOT SPEAK Hebrew, but Yiddish. 2. Yes, Yiddish IS recognized as a language, with its own... more
    • "...I am a native speaker." (nm) ~ Merlin, Mon Jan 14 12:55pm
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