The video is valid. You are one of the few that's
Thu Feb 7, 2019 12:26pm

thinking they are implying all poor people are lazy. Some poor are lazy, some are not. Some poor did not prepare themselves for life and suffer the consequences of that decision not to prepare better. Some come from various disadvantaged backgrounds and lack the knowledge and other abilities to raise themselves out of poverty. That's not what this video is to bring focus to.

The purpose of the video is to highlight the basics of a progressive tax structure. Nothing more.

You have 3 people starting out the same, making the same money, but they have different priorities. It's okay to have different priorities, but is it really right that the one whose priorities are to work harder now for a better retirement later to be taxed at a higher rate? The video is a good way to make people stop and think about it.

  • I like other videos by PragerU, but I disagree with that one. Everyone in their example makes the same hourly wage. The only difference between rich and poor in their example is that the rich work... more
    • The video is valid. You are one of the few that's ~ TW, Thu Feb 7 12:26pm
      • Ugh... ~ Amadeus, Thu Feb 7 8:16pm
        The video assumes an even playing field. Of course, that is not true. The video assumes that the work is done before the brothers decide on how to pay. The reality is that a society decides how to... more
      • Some rich are lazy e.g., George Vanderbilt ~ Mondo Fuego™, Thu Feb 7 1:21pm
        Never worked a day in his life, and used his inherited fortune to have The Biltmore Mansion in Asheville NC built as his monumentum exegi aere perennius . Exegi monumentum aere perennius regalique... more
      • Karl Marx’s grace at Highgate ~ G🧐G, Thu Feb 7 12:59pm
        Cemetery was recently beaten senseless with a hammer 🔨. Probably some damned disgruntled billionaire
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