Drugs and the military
Fri Feb 8, 2019 3:12pm

Most of the Fentanyl in America comes from China.
Afghanistan Opium harvest was at record highs in 2017.
I remember back in the late 60s and early 70s weed was smuggled in from Vietnam by soldiers .
Soldiers are in areas now where Opium is everywhere I am not saying the military is doing it now but it has in the past.
I think Mexico sending drugs to America at the boarder is fair to say but I think there are bigger fish in the sea than mexico

    • Just wanted to add to the information about drugs to you people who were not born yet. The goverment has had their paws in it deep for years.
      • Anyone not born yet can easily read ~ G👁☠️👁G, Sat Feb 9 8:25am
        Dark Alliance by the suicided Gary Webb. It’s all there. Michael Rupert’s (RIP) Crossing the Rubicon is another keen resource. I am not sure Reagan was in on it. He was just a Hollywood puppet. Daddy ... more
      • Video: Boys On The Tracks. ~ G👁G, Fri Feb 8 3:39pm
        Clinton, Bush and many others. But hey, who cares? It’s just another “conspiracy theory.”
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