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Sat Feb 9, 2019 10:02am

Donald J. Trump…..1h
It was great meeting some of our outstanding young military personnel who were wounded in both Syria and Afghanistan. Their wounds are deep but their spirit is sooo high. They will recoverer & be back very soon. America loves them. Walter Reed Hospital is AMAZING - Thank you all!

Charlie Kirk……..11h
Illegals should not be counted in the census

Basic projections show that California gets an extra 9 electoral votes because of counting illegals

This disenfranchises Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota, COMBINED!

This is true foreign interference in our election

Educating Liberals……11h
Meghan McCain says it made her feel “uncomfortable” that Jared & Ivanka were at her father’s funeral.

Oh really?

Well it made the rest of America uncomfortable when you used your father's funeral to bitterly attack our President instead of celebrating your father's life.

Candace Owens……..3h
Thank you @USATODAY for publishing the FULL quote & context of what I said.

We are all holding to see if @ChelseaClinton will apologize for perpetuating this leftist media hoax.

Similar to #Covington, this hoax has resulted in death threats against me.

Tyler Zed………44m
Rep Ilhan Omar said:
"This is an outrage. I'm hearing from TSA workers back in Minnesota who STILL haven't received backpay after the shutdown."

1 hour later she said:

"Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for Department of Homeland Security."

can’t keep the fake agenda straight!

Noah Ring……..2h
I want to debunk something real quick

GenZ loves God

The amount of people from my school who attend church is astounding, my highschool prays before and after every football game.

Believing in Christ is cool again!

GenZ isn’t like millennials, quit treating us like we are!

HuffPost Politics…….2h
“If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine,” said conservative commentator Candace Owens. “The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany.”

Donald J. Trump………57m
We have a great economy DESPITE the Obama Administration and all of its job killing Regulations and Roadblocks. If that thinking prevailed in the 2016 Election, the U.S. would be in a Depression right now! We were heading down, and don’t let the Democrats sound bites fool you!

Charlie Kirk…….3h
Facts about planned parenthood:

652,639 abortions performed last year

49% were minorities

Sells organs and baby body parts (caught on camera)

Refused to report sex traffickers to FBI and DOJ

Doesn’t perform mammograms

Receives $500 million of taxpayer funding every year

Byron York……2h
Famous man sends woman-not-his-wife dick pics, and it gets out. There are simple explanations for how that happens. Common tactic for man--remember, say, Anthony Weiner--to claim he's been hacked. But reality often less complicated.

Jacob Wohl…..12h
If the world is going to “LITERALLY END” in 12 years, then why are banks still writing 30 year mortgages on beach-front properties?

Donald J. Trump……1h
The Democrats in Congress yesterday were vicious and totally showed their cards for everyone to see. When the Republicans had the Majority they never acted with such hatred and scorn! The Dems are trying to win an election in 2020 that they know they cannot legitimately win!

Voice of Europe…..3h
Migrants and muslims are taking over German prisons

Dr. Lynn J. Anderson……13h
Charlie Daniels Slams 'Satanically Inspired' NY Abortion Law, 'Every Bit As Evil' As Holocaust

Ryan Fournier…….10h
If white privilege exists, why did Elizabeth Warren have to lie and pretend to be Native American on her applications?

HuffPost Politics…..3h
“I fear the day that our first responders have to go to the wire to extricate someone,” said the Arizona city’s mayor.§ion=politics

The Hill…….50m
Utah GOP-controlled House passes bill to limit voter-approved Medicaid expansion

Buck Sexton……2h
Buck Sexton Retweeted Ryan Saavedra
This would have come out much sooner, but she is a Democrat, so she was protected

They only report on it now because the Dem presidential field is getting overcrowded and nobody in America thinks she can win
Buck Sexton added,
Ryan Saavedra
Verified account

8 former Amy Klobuchar staffers say the Minnesota Democrat ran a workplace "controlled by fear, anger and shame" that left employees in tears. Klobuchar "yelled, threw papers, and sometimes even hurled objects."

Gov. Mike Huckabee…..12h
Gov. Mike Huckabee Retweeted Grover Norquist
And how will the swells who lecture us about carbon emissions get to Davos if their Gulfstreams and Global jets are turned into windmills?
Gov. Mike Huckabee added,
Grover Norquist
Verified account

On the bright side....
When the Democrats, following their Green New Deal, end air travel we may net two Republican Senators from Hawaii.

Candace Owens…….3h
Candace Owens Retweeted David Webb
Now that the media is correcting/publishing the full quote and context of my statements— will @ChelseaClinton have the decency to apologize for helping to perpetuate a LIE & SMEAR that has resulted in death threats against me?

Or will she be shameless like Mom & Dad?
Candace Owens added,
David Webb
Verified account

Replying to @ChelseaClinton @RealCandaceO
You should have read the next two paragraphs before tweeting instead of using a twisted snippet. @RealCandaceO

Charles V. Payne………2h
Charles V Payne Retweeted Bloomberg Politics
Hey, Bloomberg when has the ratio been more narrow? When was the last time Black employment and employment to population ratio was this good? This headline goes a long way to dismiss great news and powerful trends that I celebrate as an American.
Charles V Payne added,
Bloomberg Politics
Verified account

The ratio of black unemployment to white unemployment was 1.9 in January, which means African-Americans are still almost twice as likely to be counted as unemployed as white Americans

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