Virginia is the latest hypocrisy spotlight for Progressives.
Sat Feb 9, 2019 10:45am

They tried to destroy Kavanaugh over an uncorroborated accusation, but even our board progressives here are strangely silent regarding the Lt. Gov. Fairfax allegations which appear credible. Karma and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

Just my opinion, of course.

  • LOL Larry Elder!!! ~ Deanna, Sat Feb 9 10:19am
    Just wants to make sure....... https://twitter.com/larryelder/status/1093597478266404864
    • Virginia is the latest hypocrisy spotlight for Progressives. ~ Eleanor, Sat Feb 9 10:45am
      • Oh bullpucky ~ Moishe, Sat Feb 9 6:18pm
        Patrick Hope, a Democrat, says he will bring impeachment proceedings Monday if Fairfax does not resign.
      • Very True!!! ~ Deanna, Sat Feb 9 1:22pm
        It is amazing how the Democrats and their media sweep everything they can under the rug, if a Democrat is accused and even with proof.....but, when a Republican IS EVEN INNOCENT....they are like a... more
      • for all to see. Nowadays one supposes there is no clean linen left. Frankly, I do not give a damn about who did who. All I want is honesty in politics. Thevnationcwill not collapse over a blow job.... more
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