In the old days dirty linen was not put out
Sat Feb 9, 2019 11:18am

for all to see. Nowadays one supposes there is no clean linen left. Frankly, I do not give a damn about who did who. All I want is honesty in politics. Thevnationcwill not collapse over a blow job. But it will disintegrate from the rampant corruption that is destroying our nation. A pox on both parties.

  • They tried to destroy Kavanaugh over an uncorroborated accusation, but even our board progressives here are strangely silent regarding the Lt. Gov. Fairfax allegations which appear credible. Karma... more
    • Oh bullpucky ~ Moishe, Sat Feb 9 6:18pm
      Patrick Hope, a Democrat, says he will bring impeachment proceedings Monday if Fairfax does not resign.
    • Very True!!! ~ Deanna, Sat Feb 9 1:22pm
      It is amazing how the Democrats and their media sweep everything they can under the rug, if a Democrat is accused and even with proof.....but, when a Republican IS EVEN INNOCENT....they are like a... more
    • In the old days dirty linen was not put out ~ G🧐G, Sat Feb 9 11:18am
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