History... Australia....Banishment...
Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:05am

IMO back in the old days, when the world wasn't full, societies could "banish" offenders. Basically kick them out to live on their own. They had to go find some place else to live. It got rid of them, the society didn't have to support them, and doubtless some ended up dying out in the wilderness.

The concept of an "outlaw" was that an individual was outside of the PROTECTIONS of the law. A banished person couldn't seek redress or protection under the law. If someone killed an outlaw it wasn't "murder" under the law.

Then as the colonial era grew, nations used colonies as dumping grounds for their undesirables...

I do have to wonder if that might be the most efficient method even today. Very expensive initially, but buy and evacuate a large island somewhere and just dump the anyone sentenced to life there. If they kill each other, fine.

And if the location was chosen carefully, a few hand tools and such and there wouldn't even be a need to feed the prisoners. They either grow their own or starve.

IMO that was one of the parts of the "Escape" movies that was not covered. Everyone in New York or Los Angeles had plenty of food, drink, alcohol, and even cars.... but we never saw any farms, ranches, factories, or refineries.

Unless one presumed that the gov't was DELIVERING food and supplies that the prisoners distributed themselves.

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