• great...now take that drug money.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Feb 13 8:30pm
      ...and build the "wall" where needed, more high tech surveillance, drones, more border guards. ...and tell Schumer and Pelosi to stuff it.
      • You will have to find the bank ~ G🤑G, Thu Feb 14 8:13am
        that laundered all those hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Probably itís licated somewhere in NYC. Maybe even at the Clinton Foundation.
      • I Totally Agree!!!! ~ Deanna, Wed Feb 13 8:43pm
        No better way to spend El Chapo's drug money to protect Americans from drug usage......!!
        • Trump will, in fact, get this "wall" built... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Feb 14 10:12am
          ...his detractors may not like that but tough totems. Money was already appropriated under Dubya & Obama to that end and there is some construction already going on from what I understand. For what... more
          • Sounds Good!!! :) ~ Deanna, Thu Feb 14 12:41pm
            Hopefully, more and more people are becoming aware of the bottomless pit of hatred that Democrats have been spewing for over 2 years now.....!! And how ridiculous they are about the... more
    • When will Citi-Bank be confiscated? (nm) ~ G🤑G, Wed Feb 13 12:29pm
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