That board’s favorite term is “liar.”
Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:42am

Even the hostess uses the word and claimed SES was telling a lie. And proceeds to suggest SES’ new bride married a sexist chauvinist pig. Not in those exact words. But one gets the drift.

  • Total meltdown on de blew board ~ what a day what a day. lol..hee hee, Wed Feb 13 7:56pm
    It smoking hot over there, ya best put ya hard toe boots on when ya go. SES has been dislodged from the forum of CIVILIZED GENERAL DISCUSSION of dip$hits.
    • That board’s favorite term is “liar.” ~ G😚🐥G, Thu Feb 14 8:42am
    • It was only a matter of time. ~ G😚G, Thu Feb 14 8:08am
      SES held his own and more often than not he exposed them as political hypocrites. He earned his badge of honor. I know I am proud for being banned because of Geoengineering and BruceSeesAll. The... more
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