KDM on the left coast
Trump will, in fact, get this "wall" built...
Thu Feb 14, 2019 10:12am

...his detractors may not like that but tough totems. Money was already appropriated under Dubya & Obama to that end and there is some construction already going on from what I understand. For what it's worth, the money Trump asked for ($5.7 billion) was "chump" change the way these denizens of the DC swamp spend our tax money. This objection by the likes of Pelosi & Schumer was nothing more than politics to deny Trump the promise he made to the American people when he campaigned. The last thing those two shysters want is this promise being met. In the meantime billionaire Tom Styer is has spent millions in attempt to rally his fellow Dems & public for impeachment of Trump. His attempts are losing traction and he is getting frustrated, from what I recently heard, with other Democrats who no doubt as seeing this as a waste of time with no guarantee this will gain nothing more than Trump's re-election.

  • I Totally Agree!!!! ~ Deanna, Wed Feb 13 8:43pm
    No better way to spend El Chapo's drug money to protect Americans from drug usage......!!
    • Trump will, in fact, get this "wall" built... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Feb 14 10:12am
      • Sounds Good!!! :) ~ Deanna, Thu Feb 14 12:41pm
        Hopefully, more and more people are becoming aware of the bottomless pit of hatred that Democrats have been spewing for over 2 years now.....!! And how ridiculous they are about the... more
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