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Shiloh (Mace thru Sarah)
No Subject
Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:46pm

(OOC: Sorry, guys. Took a little longer than I expected to pick up right where I left off. I sort of had to keep backtracking for each character to recall how they got where they were! For the sake of ease of jumping in, I’m just going to nudge things forward just a couple of hours. Shouldn‘t effect too much. Maybe we‘ll call it mid-day?)

Mace sat in his chambers studying the curious-looking contraption that help the magic Chaos would have him use to poison the Mist. It seemed like such a stretch to imagine such a thing could be done, but he knew better than to question or doubt Chaos. He was preparing himself for the journey to one of the prime sources for the Mist… old Far Mist itself. It was still heavily protected, but this would get him through and, if he could pinpoint where it was strongest there, he could poison it… Not kill it, but enough to draw Kahi out so Chaos could fulfill one of the darker futures by slaying the young Alpha and leaving Mildune broken and his son fatherless and without guidance.

Timber had gone back to his and Amanda’s suite with his wife. He smiled and nodded as she continued to gush over the fact they’d gotten to see their grandpup born before they’d even had their first child. “I know what you mean,“ he said with a smile, moving to kiss the side of her head as he sat on the edge of the bed and watched her. “Celluna’s one strong girl, just like her mama. She handled that labor like a champ,“ he said proudly.

Yuna laid snuggled up in Altair‘s tails in the bed, panting heavily through her purrs following their last round of ‘play time.’ For them, it was always such an innocent thing, and the fact that Traitorin never fully got to have that talk with them probably didn‘t help. Then again, they‘d had that talk with so many others, all just a little different, but poor Trait seemed to be the last to know, just finding out that his youngest might be physically active with his girlfriend.

It‘d taken a good hour, but eventually Auel and Arielle managed to get out of their rather intense tie. They fled the sauna just in time, as a group of girls came in to enjoy it, missing the young couple in their first ever tie. Ari placed a hand on her tummy as they turned the corner, still damp from having thrown their clothes on so quickly. She laughed and then shuddered a bit from the sensations that went through her when she did anything. Just moving was making her feel things after the tie. “I can‘t believe we didn‘t get caught,” she said, knowing that despite the stories she‘d heard about how her father had made a bit scene mating with her mother in the middle of a busy dining room, Rocky probably would cringe at the idea of his daughter being in a tie in a sauna. Or just a tie in general.

Aura was resting for the moment beside Archer. His heat was so intense this time around, and he had a knack for stirring her up and wearing her out as a result of it. Despite his concerns that she felt somehow obligated to mate with him, she tried to ensure he knew she did it because she wanted to. If she didn’t feel like it, she’d tell him… and when she panted through that last orgasm that she desperately needed a rest, he seemed to get himself under control enough to give her that. She looked content, though, sleeping beside him, one wing folded under her, the other stretched out and off the bed. If she was going to be exhausted by anything, she’d always pick Archer!

“Your office is a mess,“ Rain whined as she was bent over Rocky’s desk a bit, laughing through her breathlessness following another release between the two of them. She could feel his hands holding her hips up more than her own legs could right now. They’d been all over his office and, honestly, if one didn’t know any better, you’d think they were both in heat. In reality, they just didn’t get enough time to be their horny young selves with each other as much lately. Rain laid her head on the desk and finally sighed, “We need to do a lot more of this…“

Snow and Dia’s little party had been cut short when they were tracked down by Nashca and Serg. Fortunately, they hadn’t gotten too far past dancing around, tipsy on Mistberry wine, but certainly not incapacitated. The dragon and the snow owl had seemed eager to speak with Dia… mostly regarding Serg’s desire to reopen the magic school in the castle, if even on a small level… True they offered educational classes, but nothing in magic training… perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea… especially with things being the way they were these days and the future so uncertain.

Pepper nuzzled into Rev a bit, whining as her heat was already starting to rear up again. Odds were, so was his. They‘d been mating rather vigorously for half the day and opted to try for a little rest, but it was hard to ignore a heat like starfire itself. If it was night time, the light show in the sky would be bright enough from the Luminara and her Guardian that it would probably dissolve some of Raiser‘s Darkness!

Seda laid with Ex spooned up against her from behind. She smiled as she ran her fingers between his, hugging his arm around her. Their tails lazily roamed each others bodies. “You make me so happy, Axl,“ she said softly. She’d been in such a state lately from how much her crystal magic training took out of her and missing her kits being kits and… she was so grateful for Ex… pulling her out of it. Helping her temper her crystal with the deep love they shared… Being with him felt like that exhilarating rush of their first time… but with a love that ran so much deeper. She glanced over her shoulder at him, “You’re planning on doing that again, right?” she mused.

One of the maids had come around and retrieved the uneaten meals outside Prowl and Gabby’s door. The sounds inside the room, thanks to Prowl’s lack of a sound suppressing spell, tipped the staff off about just why the meals hadn’t been touched. Not that Prowl ever worried about hiding the fact he was having amazing sex with his, as of that morning, official fiance. Once he was done making Gabby moan and howl, the maid intended to bring them a fresh meal to help them recover, especially the mommy-to-be.

Luca had bowed out of the water gardens with Chorus, leaving Ebon and Ivy to carry on with their own interludes further back under one of the small falls. They‘d grabbed something to eat and, despite Chorus‘ curiosity over how the morning had gone for Lyla with Magnus, Luca easily distracted his girlfriend, leading her back to their room. “I‘m sure you‘ll find out soon enough. No news is probably good news,” he noted, kissing Chorus‘ neck a few times as he guided her back to their room.

The fact that she and Magnus were now living together with no double doors to divide their suites… it was a little blush-inducing for the fennec for a while. It wasn‘t like either had anything of their own really to worry about moving, save for a book Magnus had been reading. It all seemed to be happening quite quickly and yet… it felt right. The fennec girl was snuggled up in the bed with Magnus, her head on his chest as she effortlessly listened to his heartbeat with those large ears of hers. Innocent cuddling and kissing was all she was ready for on the day they professed their love… at least for right now. And the fact Magnus was fine with that was such a change for her. Since the moment she met him, though, it seemed he’d always been trying to show her a different way to love and be loved than what Chaos showed her. Being with someone like Magnus… someone so wonderful… who actually love her… It was so surreal.

Kia was sitting back on her heels, her barrier spider webbed like broken glass. She looked exhausted and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before her barrier failed altogether against the hell cat, but she refused to leave Saber here alone in his own mind, not when she believed so strongly in his ability to take control of it back from the hell cat. Her presence alone seemed to be gaining ground, the brimstone all around her for a good diameter having turned to that lush moon-gold grass. Last she looked at Saber, he’d been practically in pieces, helpless to make her go or to help her in any way… helpless to help himself… She only hoped that was changing. Her body, which Sinder was likely still guarding, was fine for now… at least until the hell cat got to her in her dreams. “Saber… I love you. You’re stronger than it is. The virus… that’s the only way it could take over… It knows that. It knows… you won’t let it hurt me…” she said. “Please..” she whined as her barrier suddenly shattered into dust and shimmered to the ground around her. She was just too tired to walk back out of his dreams at this point. To be forcefully ejected from it would be traumatic, but to stay without her mental barrier, to drawn to sustain it any longer, might prove even worse…

Enola held up the empty vial and smiled, placing it aside. “One dose left,” she said, looking beside her at Kopak. She snuggled down in the bed with him again, her golden tails moving over the both of them once more. She nuzzled into her husband, tracing his chest with her dainty claws. “Do you think… it‘s working?” she asked him curiously. They‘d been eagerly mating with each other after that first dose… hoping they‘d finally conceive their own kitten. The Eden could potentially work as early as the first dose, but it could also take all three to be fully effective. She trusted Apple, even though no other couple had used it before.. She trusted the terrier to know what she was doing.

Cinder shifted a bit in the bed with Agito and whined, feeling everything tensing and pulsing inside her again. Agito had hoped for a tie and that‘s exactly what happened. They‘d been stuck in one for the better part of an hour, currently trying to recover a little strength. “How… how long do these… last?” Cinder asked with a blush.

Merit moved into the doorway to the washroom and smiled over at Os on the bed. “Bath’s ready…“ she mused. He promised their next round of mating she’d get to be on top… and she intended to hold him to it… plus bath tub mating was just so fun sometimes!

Simon and Jessie‘s special time had been, unfortunately, interrupted when he was summoned by Lys and the remnants of his Fairy Council to the Royal Chambers. He‘d approved their aid to Fauve and Maksim, which they were continuing to give, but some were keeping tabs on other matters. It appears Raiser and Chaos had been talking this morning… and the Fairies had managed to pluck some of the content from the magic-rich currents that moved all around Djorin. Some muddled words were worth some concern, and there had been some obvious fluxes in the magic around Raiser’s mountain keep, Esper magic… They wanted to inform Simon of what they found. He was not only the Human King, now, but he was well-respected by the Fae, who considered him much akin to their own king, being half Sprite. Those who remained served with him in his quest to see peace one day in Djorin…

Julep had enjoyed her meal with Parak. She‘d never had such easy conversation with anyone before. The nerves sort of fluttered away as she became very comfortable with the Husky-Wolf. She still wasn‘t sure if this was a date… they hadn‘t called it that… but it didn‘t really matter either. She was having a good time. “So… now that we‘re done, did you still want to show me your collection?” she asked, meaning that room he‘d mentioned earlier in their walk, in which he displayed the objects and artifacts he‘d recovered from his past life.

Venna laid in the blanket of Saiken’s ten tails with Hope in between them. The winged kit was playing in her daddy’s tails, chasing butterflies that landed in his sun-baked fur now and then. Venna laughed softly, the small hawk propping her head up on her arm a bit, looking at Saiken. “I’m so happy you’re here,” she admitted. She liked when he got to come spend time with them. It felt like the perfect day to spend out here in the garden.


Mira tugged on Koran’s arm, having woken from their little nap between mating sessions that morning. “Koran… can we please go outside and do something fun?“ she asked, feeling a bit kittenish suddenly. She huffed when he didn’t wake or respond. She crawled back onto the bed and over him, pressing her nose to his ear and purring into it, knowing it both tickled him and thrilled him, but would certainly wake the sleeping Drachen!

Sarah laid in bed with Drak and shook her head, “You’re cleaning up this room, mister…” she said, looking at him and laughing a bit. The room was in disarray, following the fact he’d made love to her on the table and then the sofa and then other various places around their suite, until finally ending up back in the bed. “You’re terrible,” she mused jokingly before moving up a bit and giving the Purie a kiss.

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kahi thru Zyna), Sat Aug 12 10:46pm
      Kahi followed Mildune. She didn’t seem to notice he was doing so, which meant her mind was very much on other things. He wasn’t used to seeing his normally strong wife behaving this way. He wasn’t... more
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Saffron thru Sandy), Sat Aug 12 10:47pm
        “Is that possible?” Saffy suddenly asked. It wasn’t like they hadn’t all been thinking about it. Daire had since left with Meeka, telling her and Duncan to contact him if they needed to talk any more ... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari , Sun Aug 13 1:59am
          ((Occ: No worries, :) )) Millie continued walking down the hall towards the corridors that lead out she needed air, needed to think, needed to see the sky and was headed towards the place she had... more
          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Aug 13 2:57pm
            Duncan reading over some scrolls as well, but then keeping an eye out for Tenebrae. He wasn't sure how he would explain that they summoned the last shadow creature in the world inside the castle, let ... more
            • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Aug 16 4:47pm
              With the drachen sleeping so heavily it was no wonder Mira had to resort to such measures as even with her purring by his ear it took several moments before he started shifting in bed with a low... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kahi thru Finn), Sat Aug 19 1:44am
                Kahi slowed as he watched Mildune finally made a decision on where she wished to go. He watched her walk outside and moved off to one of the balconies that lined this outer corridor to the palace,... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Sandy), Sat Aug 19 1:45am
                  “It’s not trouble,“ Eros assured Phere before hearing Pops volunteer Crys to help. He wasn’t sure how far they’d left Crys get… since Twilight’s title was still a bit of a secret. Eros couldn’t tell... more
                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sat Aug 19 1:45am
                    Mira smiled brightly when Koran finally woke. She pounced him, knocking him back down onto the bed just as he was sitting up. It was rather funny that the drachen could be so easily subdued by a Fine ... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Aug 19 4:05pm
                      Milli sighed as she made it to that spot and moved to sit down watching the glowing sphere of her staff floating about her ready to cast magic if need be. She reached out and it once again became the ... more
                      • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Tue Aug 22 6:56pm
                        Crys nodded as she took flight close to Eros. She then had to look away as Pherenice made a small sound as she was picked up. "Even her sounds are cute." She thought to herself, she had pushed away... more
                        • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Aug 23 5:40pm
                          As he was pounced upon Koran let out a 'hey!' before laughing as his hands slid around Mira's waist "Go outside you say? Ya mean past the castle walls? Or the courtyard?" he asked for clarification... more
                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Nashca), Mon Aug 28 8:07pm
                            Eros flew with Crys and Phere back to the Royal Oak. He landed at the familiar platform which would lead around to the stairs, up to the royal apartments in the upper bowers. He set Pherenice back to ... more
                            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Kahi thru Finn), Mon Aug 28 8:07pm
                              Kahi watched from a distance, glad she wasn’t venturing any further… but also knew approaching her right now wouldn’t help… He looked at his crystal and hoped Aspen got his message. Celluna yawned a... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Mon Aug 28 8:08pm
                                “I’d be happy just in the gardens,“ Mira purred. “I just want to go outside,“ she admitted, “with you… if you want to,“ she added quickly. She’d come a long way, but sometimes she still found herself ... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari, Mon Aug 28 10:16pm
                                  Phere looked up at Eros as her feet once again found the ground flying hadn't really bothered her she would have rather not been so sick feeling then it would have been at least more enjoyable. She... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed Aug 30 12:03am
                                    Crys moved over quickly to help with Phere as she paused, not too long ago she was fine, chatting with Pops like there was no problem but now all of a sudden she seemed sick almost weak. "We need to... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Aug 30 1:07pm
                                      Koran ran his strong calloused fingers through Mira's hair giving her a smile of assurance "Sure, I don't have any reason to not go however I'd like to wash up first before we go out. We've been... more
                                      • Re: No SubjectExile, Wed Sep 13 4:28am
                                        (Sorry for my own absence, guys) Chaos went through his old records of the Far Mist in his war room, looking to see if there would be any records of his targets. He was pretty focused on killing... more
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