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Shiloh (Eros thru Vera)
No Subject
Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:49pm

Eros shook his head a bit. “I want to make sure she’s okay,“ he said to pops. If he went back to his loft, he was certain he’d be down for the count, and then he couldn’t keep an eye of Crys and Phere… and he couldn’t tell Pops that Phere was ill, too… He’d just told him this was an Avion thing… so it shouldn’t affect Pherenice…

Twilight held onto Jupiter’s hand and let him lead her back out into the bed room. “Am I?“ she asked, looking up at him. “I thought mama’s ideal wedding was the biggest ask,“ she said with a small laugh. Judith had insisted. After all, she didn’t get the big wedding for Acerbus… although she made up for it with a massive coronation ceremony, not to mention the celebration she threw throughout all of Unkindness for the birth of Acerbus and Delilah’s twins. And then Mela was married in a large ceremony, but in Blake’s home of La’shire… so Judith was adamant that Jupiter and Twilight’s wedding would be a grand event in Unkindness. “A playful side is a small request,“ she said softly, teasing back.

Koi paused a moment and then smiled. “Thank you,“ she said before standing up, setting her own cup down. “I will definitely talk to Mars… I promise. Thank you for stopping by. It was… it was really nice,“ she said, honestly, moving with him to the door.

Del nodded and then smiled when Acerbus insisted Mars couldn’t leave until he said goodbye to Luken and Liora. “True… you are an important person in their lives,“ she agreed. After all, he was around often, being their royal guard. She got up, moving to pick up Liora, knowing Acerbus would do the same with Luken, moving over to Mars and offering him the princess to hold for a moment, and Liora was reaching out with coos and squeals of approval to Mars. “Think you and Koi will be adding a few of these to your perch after your big day?“ she asked. Hopefully Soraya’s arrival didn’t cause any hiccups in the timeline. Koi and Mars were to be wed very soon, after all… and it wasn’t exactly normal to have an ex-girlfriend attend!

Soraya laughed a bit. “Yeah, well… I still know you better than anyone,“ she said, “even with my absence for those few years,“ she added. “We’re going to find you the right girl, Abbadon… soft feathers and lots of fun,“ she mused.

Garand smiled and laughed a bit under his breath. “If she knew all of the stuff I’ve protected you from around here, Lana… she’d demand you home,“ he noted. “But… at the same time… maybe if she knew and knew how I’d do anything to keep you safe… she’d stop fighting so hard to bring you home.“

“I like you just as much dressed down,“ Saffy said, winking at the puma-bear playfully as she ate a piece of cucumber from her side salad. “Maybe we should have a date… dress up… have fun… and later we could undress and have more fun,“ she teased, giggling a bit as she returned to her meal. It was true… only Duncan brought the ‘bunny’ out of Saffron.

Nascha smiled and placed her hands on his chest, running them up to his neck and over his shoulders and back down again, “You and your games,“ she mused. Her dragon had a playful side and he was enjoying showing it in such a teasing way. She moved her hands down his stomach to his waist, smiling at him as she undid his slacks. She moved back up him, giving him a soft kiss on the lips before she got off of him and the bed. She moved down to tug his slacks off, leaving them on the floor and then opening one of her soft wings a bit, pulling one of the longer downy feathers free, pure and snowy. She moved back onto the bed, reassuming her position sitting on his lap, straddling his waist. She started tracing the feather down his neck and along his collarbone.

Vera nodded a little. She seemed to not say much until they finally reached the Inn. “I guess you can… put me down here…“ she said. She wasn’t aware of all that was currently going on inside the Inn with Crys, Eros and Phere… or with Pops for that matter. But she did know that if Rio carried her right into the Inn like this and any of them saw, they’d all say something and Vera wasn’t ready for them to say something until after she and Rio ‘talked.‘

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Tala thru Lassa), Sat Jan 13 5:50pm
      Tala knelt on the soft mat beside the tub, runing her hands through the water. The temperature was just right, but the bubbles needed some churning to really foam up. She was hidden only by her tail... more
      • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Jan 13 6:52pm
        Millie looked up at Tria and smiled. "Now, she'll be meeting us there shortly." She said after glancing off again to the direction that Aspen had run off. Millie turned and started walking the... more
        • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Jan 13 7:17pm
          Pops narrowed his eyes a little bit, he knew something was up. But, he wasn't about to push the subject yet. He sighed, "All right, you call me when you need help." He said and moving out of the... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Aspen), Sat Jan 13 9:06pm
            Eros nodded, barely, as Pops said that. He didn’t need to see Pops to know his look of disapproval and mostly likely a look of curiosity… Pops always knew when they were all up to something. He... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Chantilly thru Lassa), Sat Jan 13 9:06pm
              The long-tailed hummingbird smiled to her friend as she moved in, letting solan and Keelin make their exit for their romantic garden meal. “So then… what‘s for dinner?” she asked her friend. “I‘m... more
              • Re: No SubjectKari, Sat Jan 13 10:07pm
                Pherenice heard the knock on the door but despite Eros's warning the scent on the other side belonged to Pops and he owned this place. Would it not be like ignoring one of the royals while staying in ... more
              • Reposting from belowKoran/Dkhoran, Sat Jan 13 9:39pm
                The drachen had to resist the urge to gather Mira up into his arms at her reaction to being ruffled, his kitten just looked so adorable! In regards to her comment about Yuna and Altair he offered... more
                • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Chantilly thru Lassa), Sat Jan 13 11:16pm
                  Tilly smiled as she followed Tae over to the table in the back room of the kitchen, where anyone could dine and usually did throughout the day, especially if they weren’t in the mood to go into the... more
                  • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sat Jan 13 11:16pm
                    Mira could see the tension briefly enter Koran’s body. He wouldn’t have to wait forever to cuddle her and have her in his arms… She was always happy to let him. But right now, the Fine Fur was eager... more
                    • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Sun Jan 14 12:05am
                      Tae smiled. "And try you shall." She said sweetly as she finished setting everything and chuckled. "Its just the waiting while it all cooks game now." she sat down joining Tilly and poured them both... more
                      • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Chantilly thru Lassa), Sun Jan 14 1:02am
                        "Well, it's a good thing you came along, then. From what I've been hearing, you're a hit all throughout the palace," Tilly said. "Of course, I already knew you would be. When we were in the refugee... more
                        • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Sun Jan 14 11:30am
                          Tae blushed as she looked at Tilly and shook her head. "Thank you but this place makes it so easy….and yet so hard. There is every ingredient imaginable here anything my heart desires to go in the... more
                          • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Chantilly thru Lassa), Sun Jan 14 12:38pm
                            Tilly smiled at the chronic blushing of her friend. She then sighed and shook her head, taking another bite and taking that time to think over her own response. “Not really… no… no one here. Hard to... more
                            • Re: Reposting from belowKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Jan 14 1:22pm
                              As he finished off his own sandwich, Koran pushed himself up to his feet taking the frisbee with him "We'll start with this since it doesn't take any setup, playing with frisbee's is something... more
                              • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Sun Jan 14 3:22pm
                                Tae blinked and paused chuckling as she thought about it. "Mmm no." She said shaking her head. "Most try dodging my tail feathers and really avoid talking to me other than to compliment my dishes."... more
                                • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Chantilly thru Lassa), Sun Jan 14 4:35pm
                                  Tilly laughed a bit and moved to raise her wine glass, holding it out to Tae. “Only if you let me know if you find someone too, and let’s hope it’s not the same guy when it happens,“ she joked.... more
                                  • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Sun Jan 14 4:36pm
                                    Mira smiled and got up as well, following Koran away from their picnic into the more open expanse of the gardens. She stood beside him and watched him hold the Frisbee, her ears perked up curiously.... more
                                    • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Sun Jan 14 5:32pm
                                      Millie sat with Kahi and Tria under the sweeping bows of the Ancient Wysteria. The tall tree's shade having a soft but soothing scent to it. It was perhaps why she choose this place because then her... more
                                      • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Sarah thru Sylar), Sun Jan 14 8:29pm
                                        Sara emerged from the walkway and paused, seeing them all sitting there. She took a moment to try to calm herself. Maybe she should have talked to her father first… run her concerns past him… asked... more
                                        • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Sun Jan 14 9:25pm
                                          Millie looked at Sara and then at Kahi and nodded. "Yes please keep making you wait Kahi but..." She looked at her sister who looked nervous...she knew Sara well enough to see it to know.... more
                                          • Re: Reposting from belowShiloh (Sarah thru Sylar), Sun Jan 14 10:19pm
                                            Kahi nodded. “Don’t worry. I understand.“ He looked at Tria and stood up, offering his hand to the tigress. “Well, I’m grateful you came. We can have another conversation,“ he noted to his new... more
                                            • Re: Reposting from belowKari, Mon Jan 15 12:08am
                                              Millie nodded as Kahi got up and walked off with Tria to talk with her a bit more. Having made a friend with her it looked like. Millie looked at Sarah as she came to sit down. "Not much at all...I... more
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