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Shiloh (Keelin thru Eros)
No Subject
Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:13pm

Keelin whimpered and already felt herself getting so close. Solan had gotten quite skilled in knowing what really got to her. He knew her better than she knew herself in that regard, the things in foreplay and mating that got the best reactions out of her. He knew how to drag it out or how to hurry her along. Right now he seemed set on hearing one of her howls with the way he was going, and she could feel it building in her chest already. And then it would be Solan’s turn!

Nikki nodded a little when he agreed they would speak to Tae either later tonight or tomorrow, whenever it was most quiet for the lynx to approach her. “Okay,“ she agreed before looking at Traitorin again and then letting Averie lead her off to get her food. The little silver-tufted lynx would let her nose decide what went on her plate rather than her eyes, but to know she could have anything here… it was so reassuring.

Kahi smiled, “Ah, is that Ri’s first babysitter?“ he asked Millie when she pointed out Movado and sally. Sally would undoubtedly gush over her little nephew. With so many family members to let see Ri, he’d definitely be tuckered out by the end of dinner.

Wynter took a soft breath in as his hand found her tail. That first touch was always a little jarring as it felt good and yet was intense… but it always settled with his gentle motions. She closed her eyes a bit, nuzzling into him as she was so cozily snuggled up against Jarral. Her lights were warm and not showing any wild transitions or colors to indicate arousal. That wouldn’t happen until his touch changed, which it might if Solan and Keelin had anything to say about it. “Feels good…” she murmured softly, content.

Zai listened to him and smiled. “I didn’t realize… so that’s why the flowers are always so vibrant,“ she said. “You’ll have to thank her…“ she said about Siliqi. She then blushed a bit when he said he was behaving only for now, as Naiya was up to no good. “Oh, it’s always one of you, huh? I guess Nydia would be proud, in a sense,“ she mused, since it was no secret their mother was almost 100% nymph, with just a touch of Druid. Enough to warrant her a home in Ethion, while their father, Demier, was full Druid.

Naiya looked so impish and yet innocent at the same time when Kei turned and hugged her arms to her sides so she couldn’t continue to torment him with her touches. She moved in and gave him a soft kiss before rubbing noses with him and smiling. She loved when he said her name like that, exasperated and yet hungry. “I guess we don’t want that,“ she agreed when he said dinner would burn. “But I can’t promise I’ll keep my hands to myself either. It’s really hard around you,“ she noted with a little pout.

Eko noticed the blush and then retraced his words, his ears tipping back as he blushed himself, realizing what it must’ve sounded like, even innocently spoken. He nodded a bit as she spoke of the best time of day for a roast. He then followed her gaze to Sable, who walked ahead of them, seeming to have fallen into her own thoughts. He could scent it on her, confusion, desire, embarrassment. “You shouldn’t be,“ he said, one Gatan to another. “Shouldn’t be embarrassed to be in love,“ he said, unaware she hadn’t really come to a conclusion about just what her feelings for Bayla quite were yet… or if she’d even really pursue anything with the lycan.

“Like I said… to think of all the time we never said anything…“ Singo said quietly as he moved in and nuzzled her a bit, his purrs starting up… deep rumblings, his hand flexing gently against her hip as his claws lightly kneaded her. “I know it was impossible back home to say anything… we didn’t have places like this to escape to, to hide… to be open about our feelings. I’m glad we have it now, because I love you too, Suna… and I can’t imagine having to go back to pretending I don’t after that kiss today…“

Ginga smiled and acutally laughed a little when Aster cheered over them being the best. She moved to set down her fork, feeling pretty full despite the lightness of the meal. She supposed it was because she wasn’t used to eating much, so it didn’t take much to fill her, something that would likely remedy itself with time here.

Maks looked over at her as they soaked and washed up. She would… get checked out. He blushed a little and nodded. “Okay… thank you,“ he said. He appreciated that Fauve and Shale were both on potions along with him, until he felt ready to take that step towards a family, but… he also knew this was a season when the urge to make babies was pretty damn strong and his ties would have a far greater chance at being successful than not, even on potions. He blushed deeper recalling how he’d let nature carry him away a bit. He’d made love to Shale with the desire to give her his pups, and yet now that he was calm again, he hoped he didn’t rush that… “Do you want me to go with you? I will…” he said, not minding.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Finn said with a sigh upon breaking the kiss, running his fingers over her slightly pointed ear and then back through her hair. “They’ll accept you, Nayril… especially when you and I tether to each other,” he said. He was certain she was more than enough elf for it to happen. Usually, it was thought only true elves could bond so deeply in that sacred union, but… he believed that what heritage she had was more than enough.

Shasta smiled and nodded a bit as she looked at her brother and could see the love, acceptance and sincerity in his eyes. “I knew that, but I guess I still needed to hear it from you directly,“ she said softly.

Jin smiled when Vanille thanked her. She nodded. “Not thanks needed,“ she said before looking back at Keyon and Shasta, who was moving back over to them to slip her hand into Vanille’s. Shasta wouldn’t be alive without her… but that wasn’t why she loved the storm dragon. They’d been captive together for so long… they’d even taught each other some of one another’s language. Shasta wasn’t fluent, but she could translate a bit if need be… while Vani seemed to know enough Common to usually get by, the translation stone filling in the rest for her.

Jin moved back over to Keyon and smiled as she hugged his waist and her tail wagged a bit. But then they all seemed to be looking at Aussie as Vanille seemed to imply something in her heavy foreign tongue, as though it was his turn.

“Vani seems to think even you must have something worth sharing tonight, Aussie,“ Shasta said, her ears tipping curiously. “Do you?“

“I…“ Aussie suddenly felt very nervous, and while Rhys wouldn’t read his thoughts… not intentionally anyway… she probably could sense the slight shift when the attention came around to him. He couldn’t help but keep picturing the ring in his mind, where it was kept in a small velvet pouch in his pocket… after all, Rhys would have felt a box, so he was always aware of that.

Gypsy blushed at the nuzzling before moving to give Braska a soft kiss. “I’m sure Syao was… I don’t know about Zyna. She seems super curious about everything,“ she said. “That little cat probably made him so nervous,“ she noted, wondering if she… a little, delicate bat-fox… made big, strong Braska so nervous.

Zyna walked, keeping the pace Eri set, as she was the pregnant one… though the ocelot had no idea how wrong she was about Eri being the only pregnant one amongst them. Yet they weren’t letting Eri stall either, getting her to keep her own pace as they moved to follow Aspen, Garand, Tria and Lana to dinner.

Senn took a few sniffs of the air. He could already scent the array of food. “They went all out…“ but then there was another scent. “Hmm… your sister’s close,“ he said, as Juno and Torin were coming to the dining room from a slightly different direction, despite having also come from the royal wing. They’d gone the longer way around so they could talk a bit on the way. “Is this technically your first family dinner with her?” he asked.

“If you took a little bit of everything here, I think you could feed me for a week,“ Spartan mused as he started to put a little of most things on his plate, just to try them. He wasn’t afraid of trying new things, after all.

Topaz shifted back against him a bit before he mentioned the infirmary. She turned in his arms and shook her head as she looked up at him. “Then let’s not. Let’s not go back to the infirmary,“ she said. “I’m okay, Kiten,“ she urged, though clearly he could sense otherwise, as the last time Topaz overdid it and fell ill, it had been nearly a month ago and with that came obvious symptoms of illness, like a fever and chills… not just nausea. “You’ve tied with me before and this never happened after,“ she said. Of course, her body had never been quite so receptive in previous ties and she was essentially at her most fertile in the peak of Spring Fever, and Fii had pointed out… his ties could be potent… But the thought of pregnancy still didn’t cross the roo’s mind. Paz only thought perhaps Fii meant that the tie in general had been so intense it’d caused her tummy to ache. It really was no wonder he was tiptoeing around suggesting she was pregnant, since one had to seriously wonder how the roo would take such news, and one also had to wonder how Fii was containing himself at the mere thought he could be having a kit or kits with Topaz.

Eros nodded and then paused as Phere moved to touch his arm. He looked down and that was the first time he could see it, glowing under her touch. The mark of the Spiritus tree. “I… didn’t realize that was there,“ he said before ‘looking’ at her. “Does that mean Crys has one of these too?“ he asked. “Don’t be sorry. You couldn’t help it. Maybe everything will become clearer once we get Twilight home,“ he said, knowing Aeon was the only place where any sure answers could be found… for Twilight and for Pherenice.

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              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Keelin thru Eros), Tue Feb 13 6:46pm
                Keelin finally felt the release that had been building with all of Solan’s attentions as she pressed her head back against the pillows, her fingers tangling in his hair, and she howled for him.... more
                • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Tue Feb 13 6:51pm
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                    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Keelin thru Eros), Tue Feb 13 10:27pm
                      Keelin was panting heavily and slowly tipped her head down to look at Solan as he was moving back up her body once more. She was blushing at how he’d made her howl. It’d felt so different than... more
                      • Re: No SubjectKari, Tue Feb 13 11:39pm
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                          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Keelin thru Eko), Wed Feb 14 12:59am
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                                  Solan returned the kiss when hers met his lips letting out a low happy growl as she moved down His frame after they were rolled over and she on top of him. Tipping his head back to allow her to move... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Wed Feb 14 11:36am
                                    Koran's chest rumbled a pleased growl which came up through his lips to tease Mira's chest as his teeth lightly brushed the sensitive tips as his calloused fingers continued their sweet teasing... more
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